3 Athlete Members Will Be Appointed to USA Swimming BOD on Friday

3 athlete members will join the USA Swimming Board of Directors on Friday via a vote of the members of the USA Swimming Athletes Committee who are also voting members of the House of Delegates.

They will choose among the 6 nominees: Nathan Adrian, Maya DiRado, Natalie Coughlin, Andrew Gemmell, Brad Craig, and Davis Tarwater. All 6 are current or former US National Team members, and all but Craig have represented the U.S. at the Olympic Games.

Whichever athlete member receives the most votes will serve a 4-year term, the next-highest vote getter will serve a 3-year term, and the next-highest will serve a 2-year term. This will set up a staggered, overlapping term system for the newly-created positions.

To be eligible, athletes must have:

  1. within the ten (10) years preceding election, represented the United States in the Olympic or Pan American Games, or an Operation Gold event, or a World Championship recognized by the NGB’s IF for which a competitive selection process was administered by the NGB…or
  2. within the twenty-four (24) months before election, demonstrated that they are actively engaged in amateur athletic competition by finishing in the top half of the NGB’s national championships or team selection competition for the events outlined in subparagraphs (1) or (2)

The vote will begin at 1:30 Eastern Time, with the Athlete Members of the Board of Directors being announced at 2:05, and the members of the Athletes’ Executive Committee being announced at 2:25 Eastern.

There are about 110-120 voting members of the athletes’ committee.

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2 years ago

I’m a Maya DiRado fan! 😀😀😀

Bryan Shapiro
2 years ago

I vote for Nathan Adrian, Natalie, Bruce Gemmell…………good luck

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
2 years ago

Adrian has competed at every international meet in the past 10 years. Come on fam

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