High-Level International Meets For June 2023

The 2023 World Championships are nearly upon us with many of the world’s domestic trials already having taken place.

However, the month of June is highlighted by three powerhouse qualification meets in the form of the Australian World Championships Trials, the Sette Colli Trophy as well as the U.S. Nationals.

Please let me know in the comments of any meets I may have inadvertently missed.

06/02 – 06/04 Romanian Cup (ROU)
06/02 – 06/04 Sopron Open (HUN)
06/02 – 06/04 58th Annual Mel Zajac Jr. International (CAN)
06/02 – 06/04 15th Tokyo Championship Swimming Tournament (JPN)
06/03 – 06/04 Belgrade Trophy (SRB)

06/08 – 06/11 Isreal Trials (ISR)
06/10 – 06/15 French Elite Championships (FRA)

06/13 – 06/18 Australian World Championships Trials (AUS)
06/16 – 06/18 Latvian Short Course Championships (LAT)
06/16 – 06/18 Mediterranean Cup (GRE)
06/18 – 06/18 International Swim Cup (LUX)

06/21 – 06/24 18th Singapore National Swimming Championships (SGP)
06/23 – 06/25 Sette Colli Trophy (ITA)

06/27 – 07/01 U.S. Nationals (USA)
06/29 – 07/02 Bulgarian Swimming Championships (BUL)
06/30 – 07/02 Scottish National Open Swimming Championships (SCO)
06/30 – 07/02 Tyrol State Championships (AUT)

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1 year ago

David Popovici just said in an interview he’ll also compete in the Sette Colli Trophy at the end of June.

Until then, he’s competing in the Romanian Cup and he just had today the 100 fly final that he won with 52.45.

Tomorrow he’ll have the 100free and on Sunday the 200free.

1 year ago

Does anyone have any thoughts on the “International Age Group Championships” that Ryan Lochte is promoting for December? I can’t imagine very many age groupers will fly internationally for an age group meet the week before Christmas but the concept is interesting.

In other news, Lochte also said on a podcast this week that Dressel is in “the best head space of his life” so do with that information what you will.

Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  Sub13
1 year ago

it is similar to the isl’s new venture that I’ve heard about in the last month. both websites have .global in the domain and are international age group meets. I don’t have official confirmation about this, though.

most of the world already has an annual junior meet in junior world/euros/pan pacs anyway, so I can’t imagine many NGBs funding two junior teams each year. china is always producing fast juniors, but they haven’t won a junior worlds medal since 2015, and have had limited success at jpp since 2012. I don’t see them being a factor here. íf russia is allowed, I could see them going given the emphasis they place on junior meets.

1 year ago

Speaking of which, when will the SwimSwam staff commence the previews of the U.S. Nationals? That’s seventeen individual events per gender for a total of thirty-four individual events to review.

Dark Horses
Calendar Year Best Times
Who’s Hot & Who’s Not

Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
1 year ago

I can see your point, but think of how much time that takes. I, personally, rather read/see what people are doing at meets than read what we might think can/could happen.

Reply to  Dan
1 year ago

The vast majority, if not all, of the domestic meets and international meets (Mare Nostrum, for instance) have concluded. One should be able to formulate an assessment of USA Swimming prior to the 2023 Phillips 66 National Championships. Besides, it’s the banter that follows which provides the amusement.

Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
1 year ago

In the works!

Dressel GOAT
1 year ago

Josh Liendo and Maggie Macneil are swimming at the Mel Zajac Jr. International next week (2-4 June).


1 year ago

I thought Italy conducted its domestic trials at the Italian Spring Championships.

Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
1 year ago

Italy did and revealed WC roster after National concluded. Sette Colli trophy is an annual three days meeting in Rome which takes place every year in June. It’s an international meeting.

Reply to  greeangel
1 year ago


The schedule is too close to the US Nationals for the Americans to attend.

Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
1 year ago

They rarely do, but some of the European big guns usually make an appearance.

1 year ago

I think Chlorine Daddy is swimming at the Romanian Cup 2-4 June?

Reply to  FAN
1 year ago

Can’t help but think he should follow the Magnussen school of thought and swim in some meets with international competitors leading up to big competitions eg mare nostrum

Reply to  FAN
1 year ago

It seems like he took only 100fly,100free, 200free, we’ll see what he chooses to do. On the school side he just had the final high school exam (the special session dedicated to international competitors in several fields), but in Romania the teachers are on strike from the beginning of this week and things are really stressful there.

1 year ago

I think French trials are also missing

Reply to  Retta Race
1 year ago

Israel trials I think 8-11 June

1 year ago

06/02 – 06/04 Sopron Open World Aquatics Qualification Event – Sopron, Hungary

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