Grant Hackett Issues Statement, Acknowledges Mental Health Issues

Following last week’s report of troubled retired swimming star Grant Hackett of Australia having been arrested at his family’s home, the 36-year-old,  3-time Olympian has issued an official statement.  Calling it the ‘toughest week of my life’, Hackett says he could ‘not wish for better parents’ in their understanding of what his father initially called last week ‘a breakdown’, with Hackett ranting and raving at his family’s home before the police were called. Hackett was ultimately released without charge.

Of his parents’ support, Hackett told Australian media outlets today, “They have been amazing and have now stood by me through thick and thin – I can’t say enough about them.

“My brother and I have reconnected and love each other very much – our family has always been our priority,” continued the statement. During the chaotic events last week, Hackett had initially posted a photo to Instagram of a black eye and scratches the swimmer alleged were inflicted on him by his brother. The post has since been removed.

“The support I have received from so many people in Australia and around the world has also been incredible.

“I wish I could reply to every single message or well wish I’ve had, which is impossible at present, as I’m so grateful for each and every one of them.

“This is a very private matter that I am going through and I am going to work my way through it,” he said.

“I would appreciate it if everyone would allow me and my family to do everything we need to do. I know I have some mental health issues and I am seeking help here in Australia and I will be also going overseas.”

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That took more courage than tackling the hardest swim set. Good luck, Mr. Hackett!!

Rooting for you Grant, always.

Don’t get me wrong, mental illness is a very real and serious issue. With that said, I wonder how many people use this as an excuse for inappropriate behavior.

I would guess very few try to use mental illness as an excuse. There is a baggage that comes with admitting mental illness. It is still looked upon with great prejudice and fear if not sheer mockery. Once you open the door to yourself having a mental illness and share that with people, you allow others to judge everything you do by that. That takes some courage. What I guess you might be thinking of is the “fatique/exhaustion” excuse that is very popular for celebrities who do awful things or act out in a manner that would be consistent with some forms of mental illness. The mindset of: “I don’t have a drinking and drug problem that reveals I have… Read more »

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