Garrett Reports: Weekend Results Wrap Up

  67 Garrett McCaffrey | July 09th, 2012 | International, London 2012 Olympics, News, SwimSwam Video News

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The video of Clary’s comments is out, and he can shove his out of context excuse down his throat cause he let it all out like verbal diarrhea…. smh

He moans about how Phelps wasn’t nice to him, didn’t like him….thinks Phelps’ saw him as a threat…Probably more like Phelps’ saw him as a rat and treated him as one.

Well Clary did apologise to Phelps on Twitter…whilst maintaining that his comments were “misunderstood”…

listen to the audio, there’s nothing misunderstood about what he said.

listen to the audio. it is all there

Where is the video?

Y’all are turning this into a gossip column. lets discuss swimming and not dwell on TMZ like stuff!!

While I think what Clary did was incredibly stupid and immature, but that does not mean he is wrong. For all we know he could be telling the truth or was speaking of a certain week when Phelps acted like this and the reporter exaggerated.. There are people who are just that much more talented then everyone else. We have all experienced that person whether it was in our own swimming careers or any other activity. So I believe it is entirely possible that Clary is telling the truth. Part of the problem is no one wants to say in life there is going to be people with huge talent and don’t have to work to get a great amount… Read more »

And granted we’re talking about current team member instead of retired swimmer, but Janet Evans said far, far nastier things about Katie Hoff’s bad Olympic meet in 2004.

what were the comments evans made?

That’s the other thing (besides the timing), though. Unless he was actually talking about the buildup to London, particularly 2009 and 2010, then how does what he say about Phelps’ preparation for the buildup to Beijing make sense (especially given others’ testimony to the contrary)? Because he and Phelps were only together at Michigan for the 2007-2008 school year. Phelps wouldn’t have been able to do what he did in Beijing if he had slacked off the year PRIOR. He’d have dropped dead before he even got to the end of the program.

It could be that Phelps got beat in practice during the year(s) Clary observed, and/or didn’t come as close as he “should have” for making expected times on various sets. But according to her coach, Soni, for example, reportedly gets beat in practice very regularly by Hardy and others, but usually beats her in competition. It could be that she worked harder on technique, dryland training, mental game, sets that didn’t involve direct competition, etc. Just because someone gets beat or doesn’t swim as fast as expected sometimes in practice doesn’t mean they’re not training hard. In fact those training the hardest will be the most broken down and naturally WIILL get beaten in practice by those who don’t consistently… Read more »

The issue, as stated in the article, is that phelps doesnt work as hard, that any individual so much as watches one practice in disguise will see the lack of commitment. This does not accuse him of swimming slowly, they ar two different things

Many of Phelps’ other training partners have commented on how training with Phelps has made them better. So his comments are quite absurd to be honest. Maybe Clary didn’t use the opportunity give to him in the right way.


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