Garrett Reports: Weekend Results Wrap Up

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Answer: Muffat will obviously be very fast. I think she is trying to intimidate Pellegrini and the others with her crazy splits. I agree Wu looks very consistent. That’s too bad about Coventry; I didn’t realize she’d been injured and had wondered what happened; that’s pretty damn good considering. How did she dislocate her patella??


Some other VERY VERY big controversial news.
Braden/Garret/Mel, this might be…… headline worthy stuff

Clary is really looking to piss Phelps off :/


Some other VERY VERY big controversial news.
@Braden Keith /Garret/Mel, this might be…… headline worthy stuff

Clary is really looking to piss Phelps off :/

bobo gigi

Tyler Clary goes absolutely crazy! What’s the use of saying that? Two weeks before the olympic games! Does he want to destroy the atmosphere at the training camps? He’s jealous and it’s really stupid. He has lost all my consideration.


Yes I agree, in the middle of training camp was not the time to pipe up with this crap. Phelps’ losses over the last few years have shown that if he doesn’t do the work even he can’t hope to win. but he’s shown the last year or so he has been doing the work. A lot of that work has been happening holed up in Colorado, so it’s really terrible that Clary felt the need to say such things…


Clary’s hope for the 400IM was to go 4:08 according to him, had he not had a “viral infection” and performed as expected he would have still lost to Phelps and Lochte. No need to be a sore loser because he didn’t set his bar high enough. You know what happens when you piss Phelps off…if he didn’t before, he’s going to find out when he gets to London.


You know, there is something to be said for keeping your mouth shut when you are part of the US Olympic TEAM, yes Tyler..TEAM. It’s not about you buddy.


This is really sad to see. I understand Tyler’s frustration with working hard and not getting the results he wanted but at this point he needs to remember he is representing Team USA and not himself. Many swimmers (especially those from programs where intense training is emphasized) get caught up in the “I worked harder than you, so I should beat you” mindset. As training techniques have developed though I think more people are realizing it’s not about training hard but about training smart. Phelps may be able to recover better because he doesn’t pound his body every practice (not to say he doesn’t train hard) and everyone’s body needs a different type of training. Basically, life is not fair.… Read more »


I agree. And your statement about swimmers getting caught up in the “hardest worker” mindset could be applied to other sports as well. I remember hearing about gymnast Kerri Strug out-training her training partner Kim Zmeskal in practices all the time, yet it was Zmeskal who got the podium placings, who won all-around and individual event titles at national and world championships. Whereas Strug’s big career-defining moment came from landing her 2nd vault on one leg at the ’96 Olympics to clinch the team gold medal (although, it turns out, the U.S. girls were so far ahead of Russia it was already clinched anyway). And I say that with no animosity towards Strug, it’s just that sometimes there are other… Read more »


I’ll give Clary some slack as i did not see the comments on video. Having had my own words hatched in print…maybe he said it differently. Not sure. I wouldn’t doubt thought that he thinks Phelps is an ahole. Every little kid on Club Wolverine does. From breaking his hand at a strip club (not on a car door) to yelling at 13 year olds for touching his shoes (and crying to his coach about it) to leaving the club with a $6k debt to not wanting to swim anymore…what serious swimmer would want to emulate him? When Phelps beat Cavic in 2008 the comments from kids on CW was ‘great for USA but he is still a jerk.’ Most… Read more »


Also, he molested senior citizens and killed some puppies?


Phelps may be a jerk and I admit he’s not the best role model but it was still unprofessional for Clary to make those comments. I had plenty of college teammates I didn’t like and who I thought didn’t deserve their success but I never spoke publicly about it because I wanted to protect my team. Clary should have at least that much respect for Team USA. Once you are on a team, it’s no longer about you and your personal beef.



I agree. No matter what Clary thinks about Phelps, he should have kept them to himself (or privately) right now.


JMAN, you are totally missing the point. It is about TEAM, period.


Not missing point at all. Just trying to understand why he might have said what he did. No matter Lilliana wants to think, those things happened and the rest of the TEAM at UM/CW had to deal with the prima donna. And i think some are bitter to this day. And i don’t blame them.

Sans Pallegrini

If you put yourself inside of Phelps head (or shoes), it’s easy enough to understand why he would or can be a dick. Anyone in their 20s’ are more likely to think that they’re the centre of the universe. And once you put “You’re winner” to anyone barely past their legal age (well, in Phelps case since he was like 13), you can’t expect anything else. Even Clary, who probably thinking he’s doing the world a favour by exposing the truth about Phleps, is actually doing it out of self-interest or so it seems. Anyone who’s been there knows that hard-work is only a small part of a successful swimmer. There’s family support, natural talent, coaching and myriad of other… Read more »

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