Former IU Captain Nikola Andjelic to Transfer to Miami for Final Year of Eligibility

Nikola Andjelic, currently a junior at Indiana University with one year of eligibility left in his collegiate swimming career, has announced he will transfer to Miami University in the fall. Andjelic served as one of the captains of the Hoosiers’ men’s swimming and diving team for the 2017-2018 season.

“I chose Miami University because they are a team on the rise. Their university motto is, Love and Honor; and I truly saw that throughout the swimmers and throughout the coaching staff, love for one another and honor for their program and what they’re doing to advance the program to new heights. I cannot wait to see what lies for me at Miami! GO REDHAWKS!”

Andjelic is a breaststroker who came to Bloomington from Nanuet, New York. He went best times in the 100 breast, 200 breast, and 200 IM as a freshman, then lowered the breaststroke PBs as a sophomore. His best LCM times in his top events come from the last 12 months: 2017 Arena Pro Swim Indy, 2017 IU Bucceto Open, and 2018 Arena Pro Swim Atlanta.

Andjelic will join the Redhawks with incoming freshmen Brandon Crist, Nick Wamsley, and Ryan Sego. With the graduation of senior Hutch Blackstone, who won the 200 breast and was runner-up in the 100 breast at 2018 MAC Championships, Andjelic will have rising sophomores Noah Barr and Blake Brockman as training partners. Andjelic would have scored at this year’s conference meet in the A final of the 100 breast and the B final of the 200 breast.

Short Course:

  • 100 breast: 54.49
  • 200 breast: 2:00.11

Long Course:

  • 50 breast: 28.52
  • 100 breast: 1:04.03
  • 200 breast: 2:20.21

If you have a commitment to report, please send an email with a photo (landscape, or horizontal, looks best) and a quote to [email protected].

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Does this seem sketchy to anyone else? Will IU be investigated? I


Investigated for what? None of the transfers have been scholarship athletes and three of them didn’t make the Big Ten squad. If a walk on from Texas decided to transfer to a school where they had a better chance of swimming at their conference meet would anyone care at all? Would Swim Swam right an article on every single swimmer that leaves Cal during the off-season? The IU men’s team has taken a giant step forwards in the last year, and many of the athletes transferring out may have had a chance to contribute when they committed 3 to 4 years ago, but now have been outpaced. This is simply part of the maturation process of a team that can… Read more »


Wow there are scorers and there are scholarships athletes and kids that traveled every single meet and scored at conference. No the toxicity just facts.


The difference is this… IU recruits very high in numbers to account for their expectation that many of these swimmers will eventually either quit or be cut. It’s a numbers game. Rather than fix this problem on the front end (recruiting) like many other elite programs, IU is fine to address it later on. I guess it’s “working” but it’s certainly nothing to admire.


Agree no admiration! Not all top 20 do this just ones with recent success and artificially inflated coaches egos.


Swimswam writes articles on every transfer they find out about. They aren’t picking on Indiana (or Arizona State for that matter). They just reported on Taylor Delk transferring from Florida to Florida State. These athletes are making public announcements on social media about these moves. Swimswam should be reporting on them.


It’s all very sketchy. However, according to IU athletics policies, coaches have the right to cut an athlete at any time for any (or no) reason. The only reason that isn’t allowed is if the athlete reported some kind of violation and the coach tries to retaliate by kicking the athlete off the team.

Sketchy/Stats 4 – please adhere to SwimSwam commenting policies about not using multiple user names in the same comment thread. Thank you.

Becky D

Is there a comment posted by “STATS 4” ?


Not true read the IU Promise

Becky D

I don’t know if I’m looking at the right thing. I found a mention of “appreciating the contributions made by all community members,” but didn’t see anything about athletics.


Ray Looze seems shady AF

Ol' Longhorn

Seriously? A guy who’s 5 seconds slower in the 100 breast than his NCAA champion teammate decides to transfer to LEAVE IU and go to a school where he can actually swim in meets. A guy who’s a WC team member decides to transfer TO IU where he’s got a legit shot at NCAA team and relay titles. Maybe Ray just sat people down and said, look, we’re a big deal (top 3) team now, I’ve got the Pan-Pacs gig, I’ll probably be on the Olympic team coaching staff, Olympic stars (King, Miller, Peironi) are what started this rebirth, we’re entering the serious part of the quad, so that’s going to get my attention for the future of the college… Read more »


Although Eddie wouldn’t let a captain walk. May seem small on the surface but there’s a lot more to be said about that difference


Eddie doesn’t have captains.


Eddie Reese? That’s sacrilege.

2 Cents

Honestly, with what you said, yes.. I have a problem with that… honor your commitments and the people who got you there… yes, some people dont make it to the “big dance” or make the travel team, but they all have a part and all contributed something to get the program where it is now….

Yes, I understand scholarships are year to year, but dont be one of those coaches who takes scholarships away because something better comes along… just dont do that. And I’m not saying that is happening here, but dont give that impression.


Completely agree, the financial burden of this on students and parents is incredibly hard to bear. With leases signed a year in advance, loss of credits, moving cost, stress, and repercussions to the university. So mych for NCAA being about students!


That’s kind of the impression I got back in my age group days in Indiana. Honestly, I didn’t consider IU simply due to Ray’s reputation. He’s clearly a talented coach, however. Definitely a bit cut throat and unforgiving to underperforming swimmers


Feels like Indiana has had a few transfers this offseason. And it seems like none were in their top tier.


Seriously scorers are leaving check the facts!


The times are the times negitive votes dont change it!


Not true!

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