Former HS Swim Coach Indicted For Allegedly Stealing More Than $7,500

A former high school swim coach in Killeen, Texas has been indicted on allegations that he used a school district credit card to steal more than $7,500.

Monte Allwein was a former head swim coach at Shoemaker High School, according to The Killeen Daily HeraldA grand jury indicted Allwein on felony charges of abuse of official capacity.

According to The Killeen Daily Herald, Allwein told school officials that he had used a district credit card to buy food items for students on the swim team. But police say the purchases were bulk food items, including chuck roasts and pork steaks, for use at Allwein’s home. Police say Allwein purchased more than $4,300 worth of items between December 4, 2017 and January 3, 2020, and also withdrew $3,200 from ATMs. That’s based on a review of Allwein’s bank records.

The Killeen Independent School District says that it started an investigation into financial mismanagement of the swim program after concerns were brought to their attention. The district says Allwein resigned from his position as head swim coach during that investigation and “paid restitution.” He is no longer employed by the school district.

According to Texas state law, “abuse of official capacity” applies when a public servant misuses government property. Allwein, a government employee as a public school teacher, was charged with a “state jail felony” with a valuation of the alleged theft between $2,500 and $30,000. A state jail felony can carry a sentence between 180 days (about six months) and two years, if Allwein is convicted. Additional fines can be up to $10,000.

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wouldn’t have to steal from the school if they actually paid him a liveable salary


This article mentions him making over $60K in annual salary at the time. I’d take that in a heartbeat! Especially in Killeen!!

(Also, NOT YET on the notification pop-up, is really annoying.)


I hope you are making a livable salary, otherwise I feel sorry for your employer.

Justin Thompson

Regardless of how much he makes he doesn’t have the right to steal from the school district. He’s going to have take responsibility for this.


Is there a reason Jared always is the one who posts articles about people getting into some $#!% ?


He must have been really hungry…

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