Florida Rep Files Bill On College Athlete Earnings, Targeting Summer 2020

On the heels of California’s landmark law allowing college athletes to earn money from their names images and likenesses, a Florida representative has filed a similar bill – with a much quicker timetable.

Florida state representative Kionne McGhee (Dem.) filed HB 251 on Monday, per WTSP.com. The bill would prohibit colleges from preventing student-athletes from earning compensation, with specific limits spelled out.

The bill is similar to California’s, which was officially signed into law yesterday. Both bills ultimately target the NCAA’s amateurism restrictions, which prevent student-athletes from earning money off of their names, images or student-athlete statuses. The NCAA has already responded to California’s law, and has implied that it could ban all California colleges from NCAA competition.

The main difference, though, is that California’s law doesn’t take effect until January of 2023. The Florida bill is much more aggressive with its timetable – if it passes Florida’s legislative system and is signed into law, it would take effect on July 1, 2020, according to Sports Illustrated.

The NCAA admitted in its statement that “changes are needed,” and California’s law was expected to force some level of change over the three years until it takes effect. But Florida’s bill would move up the timetable significantly, giving the NCAA only about nine months to come to a decision on whether to change its policies or block Florida schools from competition.

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My Brother Was A Swimmah
1 year ago

A VERY interesting development. At first, I was against the idea of SA compensation. It seems inevitable now; NCAA into 21st century?

Joel Lin
Reply to  My Brother Was A Swimmah
1 year ago

Yes. Florida goes this way & the floodgates open with impunity. Ohio State might be challenged on scheduling by their (cough) principles.

Reply to  My Brother Was A Swimmah
1 year ago

Why would you ever be against it? The students are working for the school earning the school money and how they act makes a big impact on how the school is previewed in the community. They should be allowed to use their name to earn them some cash.

Reply to  Booo NCAA
1 year ago

For swimming, it will not be a problem. For football and men’s basketball, “students” will go to the highest bidder. The Florida law starts with limits on how much they can make Will be challenged, and the limit will be gone. Schools will pay more and more to stay relevant, less money for non revenue sports.

1 year ago

Well things just got ramped up quite a bit

1 year ago

I think the bills are an attempt to force the NCAA’s hand towards compromise/progress…they even admitted some change is required. I don’t think we’ll see everything in the CA bull come true, but the NCAA is gonna have to move the needle even somewhat.

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