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September 21st, 2016 Gear, News, Press Releases, Training

It’s critical that you track your workouts if you want to improve as a swimmer or as a coach. The most effective way to track workouts is by using Commit Swimming – it is now the standard across the swimming community. Once you log a workout with Commit, you’ll never want to go back to paper and pencil, Word, Excel, or anything else.

Over the last two weeks, Commit Swimming released a series of new updates, enhancements, and features for its innovative workout journal. This product improves every month as coaches and athletes submit feedback to Commit’s founders.

Commit is the most advanced workout log that coaches and swimmers across all levels use. Why? Because it tracks your workout history, it analyzes trends in your training, and most importantly, it’s extremely easy to use.

Here are the top new features Commit released in the last two weeks:WHAT’S NEW?


Commit officially launched its iOS application! The Android application has also received all the new enhancements that were added this past summer.

There’s no easier way to log workouts on your phone. All you have to do is type (as if you’re writing an email), and then total distance by stroke, type, intensity, and equipment gets automatically calculated for you! Also, any changes you make to your workouts on the phone get saved on the computer as well.


Commit Swimming is now opening the doors to athletes so they can maintain their own workout journal as well! Athletes can log workouts themselves or connect with their coach to receive their workout history after each practice.

Athletes have access to Commit on iOS, Android, or online. The app makes it easy for swimmers to look back on old workouts they’ve done and analyze how much training goes into each week. Swimmers can also take notes on each workout, which makes it easy to keep a valuable workout journal.


Coaches can now study Commit’s interactive dashboard for a specific athlete. Athlete data gets generated based on attendance and the training group the athlete is in each practice. After a week, a month, or a season, coaches can analyze valuable data when helping their athletes get faster.

Swimmers are also able to see their personal dashboard on their phone or the web. The benefits of attending practice are much more obvious when you can see how your training progresses over time.


If you want to add a large group of athletes to your account, just click on your team name (under Management), and select “Athletes”. From there, you can click the red “plus” button to import a CSV file with names and emails.

Once your athletes are imported, they can create an account on and check their notifications to accept the invitation to your team. This will connect them so that they receive their workouts after each practice. Every swimmer on your team can have a workout journal without doing any extra work!


Although learning how to use Commit is easy and takes only a few minutes to get setup, there are nice features that you might not have known about! Here are the new video tutorials that we recommend watching.

Writing sets with Commit

Favoriting sets

Defining your own terminology

Using workout action items


The beta version for athletes is free. For coaches, Commit has a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL that lets you try out the program. Afterwards, it costs $8/monthor $90/year. No setup fees. No price increases after the first year. No tricks. If you only coach for part of the year, Commit lets you pause your account during the off-season.

Commit also offers big discounts for team’s with 3 or more coaches, so contact them at [email protected] for more info.


Commit’s team consists of 1 slow swimmer (Dan Crescimanno),2 decent swimmers(Dan Dingman and Nico Gimenez), and 1 really really fast swimmer (American record holder David Nolan). The team is passionate about the sport and is building innovative applications for coaches and swimmers.

Contact them anytime at [email protected] for questions, feedback, or just to say hi. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to their newsletter.Commit_newLogo_Swimming

Courtesy of Commit Swimming.

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5 years ago

I used their trial version for 30 days. I asked several questions and got responses within an hour in a very personal way. Their program isn’t perfect, but it’s very easy to use. You can write the workout so it makes sense to how you think and create workouts. When my 30 days expired, I got a personal message from Nico asking if there’s anything he could do. I also met Nico and Dan at the ASCA World Clinic and their hands on approach is what makes this program far superior to other programs such as Main Set and Workout Manager. I highly recommend.