FINA Announces 2020 Champions Series With Only 2 Stops, Both In Asia

One day before the kickoff of the International Swimming League (ISL), FINA has announced that it will be bringing back its Champions Series for 2020.

FINA launched the Champions Series last year, and many called it an attempt at mirroring the ISL format, with a team-based competition focusing on large prize money sums for athletes and a spectator-friendly competition. FINA will continue the Champions Series in 2020, though the tour will drop from three stops to two and will stay entirely in Asia.

FINA’s press release says it will hold Champions Series meets in Shenzen, China on January 14-15 and then in Beijing, China on January 18-19. The prize money will remain the same as last year:

  • 1st place: $10,000
  • 2nd place: $8,000
  • 3rd place: $6,000
  • 4th place: $5,000

Each of the meet’s 28 individual events will offer prizes to the top four finishers. Only four athletes will enter each race. The FINA release also says prize money will be available for relays – both series stops will include two mixed-gender relays. All athletes will also earn appearance fees and will have their travel, lodging and food taken care of.

In contrast to the ISL series, the Champions Series will once again take place in long course meters. (The ISL is all in short course meters). The focus on Asian host cities is also a key difference, as the ISL is mostly based in Europe and the United States, and has pulled most of the top swimmers from Australia, but has had very light participation among Asian nations.

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11 months ago

Why do you call it Asian stops if all of them are in China. Just say it as it is – China stops. It’s actually a smart move. It minimizes travel by making both stops close to each other in time and place. No difference in time zone. And it keeps Asian swimmers away from ISL. I think we will see a lot of not Asian swimmers accepting invitations for competition that gives good money without requiring interruption of training plans in preparation to Olympic games. Many of swimmers may get rested to see where they are standing in January.
I think it will be an interesting tournament.
Grigorishin is no match to China on long run.

WV Swammer
11 months ago

Lame….ISL superior

Reply to  WV Swammer
11 months ago

What is the measure of superiority? Quality of competition? Money earned? If that’s it then meets in China will be more profitable and very possible will be more exciting. The only thing that ISL meets is superior of CS is expectations of something new that we haven’t had before.

Pierre de Cubertin
11 months ago

I wonder why China…

Reply to  Pierre de Cubertin
11 months ago

For same reason why my best friend autocorrect has been changing FINA on CHINA every time I type it.
“He who pays the piper calls the tune”

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