Field Set for Saturday’s USA Diving Men’s 3-Meter, Women’s 10-Meter Finals

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May 23rd, 2019 Diving, News

Courtesy: USA Diving

INDIANAPOLIS – The men’s 3-meter and women’s 10-meter field is set for Saturday’s final after Thursday’s preliminary and semifinal competition at the USA Diving Senior National Championships. Twelve divers in each event have advanced to finals, and five Olympians are among the divers who have qualified.

Saturday’s men’s 3-meter final will be broadcast live at 12:30 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network, and the women’s 10-meter final will be shown live at 2 p.m. on NBC.

2016 Olympian Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) scored 349.90 points to place first in the women’s 10-meter semifinals. Delaney Schnell (Tucson, Ariz.) finished second with 343.80 points, and Abigail Knapton (Omaha, Neb./Lincoln, Neb.) was third with 342.40 points. 2016 Olympians Amy Magaña (Indianapolis, Ind.) and Katrina Young (Shoreline, Wash./Tallahassee, Fla.) qualified fourth (323.10) and fifth (321.60), respectively.

Briadam Herrera (Miami, Fla.), who won the 1-meter title on Wednesday, scored 469.60 points to finish first in the men’s 3-meter semifinals. 2016 Olympic silver medalist Michael Hixon (Amherst, Mass./Bloomington, Ind.) was second at 464.05, and Jordan Windle (Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Austin, Texas) scored 428.35 points for third in the semifinals. Andrew Capobianco (Holly Springs, N.C./Bloomington, Ind.) qualified fourth at 426.00, and four-time Olympic medalist David Boudia (Lafayette, Ind.) was fifth with 424.85 points.

Although the national champion will be determined based on a single-list score from the finals, cumulative scoring from preliminaries, semifinals and finals will be used to select divers to the World Championships team.

After the men’s 3-meter preliminaries and semifinals, Hixon has 930.50 points. Capobianco scored 890.00 points on his two lists, and Boudia has 883.70 points. Magaña scored 648.95 on her two 10-meter lists and leads Parratto by 1.20 points. Knapton is third with 641.10 points. Two divers in each individual event will qualify for the World Championships.

The USA Diving Senior National Championships continue through May 26. Friday’s competition features preliminaries and semifinals in women’s 3-meter and men’s 10-meter. The 2019 USA Diving Senior National Championships is part of the 2019 Team USA Champions Series, presented by Xfinity. The champions series showcases numerous Olympic sports throughout the year, highlighting the year-round quest of Team USA athletes to compete at the Olympic Games.


Senior Women Platform (Preliminary)

1. Samantha Bromberg (The University of Texas), 327.95;2. Amy Magana (The Indiana International School of Diving), 325.85;3. Katrina Young (Unattached), 298.75;4. Abigail Knapton (Unattached), 298.70;5. Jessica Parratto (TriSynerG Diving Academy), 297.85;6. Delaney Schnell (Unattached), 284.65;7. Daryn Wright (The Indiana International School of Diving), 279.55;8. Olivia Rosendahl (Unattached), 276.50;9. Molly Fears (Unattached), 252.75;10. Daria Lenz (Unattached), 233.95;11. Sophia McAfee (Trojan Dive Club), 226.85;12. Maggie Merriman (Purdue Diving), 209.10;13. Isabel Gregersen (Mile High Dive Club), 203.35;14. Chloe Bishop (Coral Springs Diving), 200.45;15. Jordan Skilken (Ohio State Diving Club), 199.65;16. Grace Walker (RipFest), 198.15;17. Madeline Kline (Red Wolf Elite/NCSU), 190.60;18. Michaela Sliney (Unattached), 188.00;19. Christy Cutshaw (Club Wolverine Diving), 178.80;20. Madison Huitt (RipFest), 174.50;21. Molly Hampton (RipFest), 132.45;

Senior Women Platform (Semifinal)

1. Jessica Parratto (TriSynerG Diving Academy), 349.90;2. Delaney Schnell (Unattached), 343.80;3. Abigail Knapton (Unattached), 342.40;4. Amy Magana (The Indiana International School of Diving), 323.10;5. Katrina Young (Unattached), 321.60;6. Olivia Rosendahl (Unattached), 317.90;7. Samantha Bromberg (The University of Texas), 305.60;8. Molly Fears (Unattached), 287.90;9. Daryn Wright (The Indiana International School of Diving), 280.15;10. Sophia McAfee (Trojan Dive Club), 256.15;11. Isabel Gregersen (Mile High Dive Club), 254.50;12. Chloe Bishop (Coral Springs Diving), 245.60;13. Maggie Merriman (Purdue Diving), 237.00;14. Daria Lenz (Unattached), 232.95;15. Madeline Kline (Red Wolf Elite/NCSU), 215.30;16. Michaela Sliney (Unattached), 208.15;17. Jordan Skilken (Ohio State Diving Club), 197.40;18. Grace Walker (RipFest), 187.55;

Senior Men 3m Springboard (Preliminary)

1. Michael Hixon (TriSynerG Diving Academy), 466.45;2. Andrew Capobianco (Unattached), 464.00;3. David Boudia (Purdue Diving), 458.85;4. Jordan Windle (The University of Texas), 426.55;5. Jacob Fielding (Unattached), 383.95;6. Briadam Herrera (University of Miami), 380.05;7. Grayson Campbell (The University of Texas), 375.60;8. Jack Matthews (Ohio State Diving Club), 374.35;9. Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving), 372.65;10. Conner Pruitt (Auburn Diving), 368.55;11. Conor Casey (Unattached), 364.80;12. Jacob Siler (Unattached), 350.65;13. Maxwell Miller (Woodlands Diving Academy), 336.75;14. Maxwell Weinrich (Montgomery Dive Club), 331.80;15. Noah Duperre (Ohio State Diving Club), 330.75;16. Nathaniel Hernandez (Unattached), 323.20;17. Daniel Pinto (Unattached), 322.10;18. Jacob Herremans (Unattached), 319.75;19. Cole VanDevender (TriSynerG Diving Academy), 319.65;20. Parker Hardigree (Unattached), 318.65;21. Matthew Akers (Unattached), 312.05;22. Jordan Rzepka (Ohio State Divi  ng Club), 309.60;23. Noah Vigran (Unattached), 307.50;24. Mory Gould (Unattached), 300.75;25. Tyler Downs (RipFest), 300.50;26. Mark Anderson (Longhorn Aquatics), 295.55;27. Reed Merritt (The University of Texas), 290.90;28. Seamus Scotty (TriSynerG Diving Academy), 287.30;29. Austin Flaute (Unattached), 286.80;30. Manuel Borowski (Montgomery Dive Club), 285.30;31. Andrew Harness (Trojan Dive Club), 284.10;32. Clayton Chaplin (Mile High Dive Club), 272.60;33. Nicholas Harris (TNT Diving), 272.05;34. Christopher Canning (Unattached), 268.80;35. Kyle Sanchez (Mansfield Diving), 258.40;36. Luke Foster (Carolina Diving Academy), 246.65;37. Hunter Hollenbeck (Spartan Diving Club), 239.10;38. Aiden Werner (RipFest), 226.45;39. Chris Millican (Stanford Diving), 221.10;40. Luca Fassi (Rose Bowl Aquatics), 207.55;41. Hunter Jaynes (Alabama Diving), 186.65;

Senior Men 3m Springboard (Semifinal)

1. Briadam Herrera (University of Miami), 469.60;2. Michael Hixon (TriSynerG Diving Academy), 464.05;3. Jordan Windle (The University of Texas), 428.35;4. Andrew Capobianco (Unattached), 426.00;5. David Boudia (Purdue Diving), 424.85;6. Lyle Yost (American Flyers Diving), 391.20;7. Jacob Siler (Unattached), 373.40;8. Conor Casey (Unattached), 368.10;9. Grayson Campbell (The University of Texas), 366.35;10. Jacob Fielding (Unattached), 364.35;11. Noah Duperre (Ohio State Diving Club), 359.95;12. Jacob Herremans (Unattached), 352.45;13. Nathaniel Hernandez (Unattached), 322.50;14. Cole VanDevender (TriSynerG Diving Academy), 316.30;15. Conner Pruitt (Auburn Diving), 311.05;16. Jack Matthews (Ohio State Diving Club), 305.10;17. Maxwell Miller (Woodlands Diving Academy), 302.25;18. Daniel Pinto (Unattached), 302.05;19. Maxwell Weinrich (Montgomery Dive Club), 290.75;

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