Exclusive Interview NCAP CEO, Tom Ugast *Corrected

  9 Garrett McCaffrey | September 19th, 2012 | Club, News

On the day of Rick Curl’s USA Swimming hearing, Garrett McCaffrey catches up with Nation’s Capital Swim Team CEO Tom Ugast to discuss the highs and lows of the past year for the club formerly known as Curl Burke.

Update: USA Swimming contacted Tom Ugast after this interview to clarify that they reached out to Curl Burke, via email, on July 24th, 2012. That’s the day Amy Shipley’s article on Rick Curl was published in the Washington Post, and a year and three months after USA Swimming started their investigation according to the timeline they released last week.

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All people criticizing and trying to punish Rick Curl are very unfair. All people are innocent and presumed innocent before a conviction on physical evidence in a fair trial with a fair impartial judge and or jury. No one deserves to be accused, vilified, punished by any person, nor by any atty, accuser, nor the press, nor any former or current club persons. Anyone on this site and the mass media attacking him would not want themselves treated in this manner. He has not spoken nor presented his side and deserves the fair chance to do so. This and any dispute of any subject (sex, business, financial, relationships, marital, legal, criminal, civil, swimming, etc) should not be publicized and should… Read more »

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I agreed 100%. I’ve been watching Garrett do these interviews forever and he has continually become better and better. He does his homework and clearly knows what he is talking about.

Thanks Garrett for all that you do–it’s weird to think this website wasn’t around while I was in high school and college!


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