Ekaterina Mihaylushkina Dominates World Junior Championships

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August 05th, 2017 International, News

After impressing at The World Games in Wroclaw, where she won 3 medals (2 golds and one silver), 15 years old russian rising star Ekaterina Mihaylushkina emerged as absolutely dominant figure at the Finswimming World Junior Championships in Tomsk (Russia), winning 3 individual golds, another one and one silver with the relays. Representing at the same time the present and the future of the Finswimming at international level. Also impressing CMAS’ President Anna Arzhanova, attending the event in Tomsk.

WOMEN – Mikhaylushkina won gold on 100 metres, 200 surface and 50 surface women, respectively in in 38″79 (just 0″39 shy from his own world junior record), in 1’30″12 and in 17″89 (0″36 shy from record). Double silver for ukrainian Yelyzaveta Vakareva (40″96 on 100 and 1’31″20 on 200), with french Margot Le Flem bronze on 100 in 41″49 and german Johanna Schikora bronze on 200 in 1’31″95, korean Min Jeong Kim silver on 50 in 18″39 and russian Margarita Russo bronze in 18″47. On 100 bifins and 50 bifins double gold for hungarian Anita Szabo (49″02 and 22″28). On 100 her fellow countrywoman Dorothy Hamlin was silver in 49″03, french Joana Desbordes bronze in 49″13, on 50 russian Valeriia Andreeva silver in 22″20, italian Viola Magoga bronze in 22″64. Hamlin the won 2 golds: on 400 bifins in 3’49″22 (greek Evdoxia Thomakous was silver in 3’51″11 and french Joana Desbordes bronze in 3’51″60) and on 200 bifins in 1’46″81 (Csenge Stadler silver in 1’47″06, french Joana Desbordes bronze in 1’48″27). On 400 surface russian Elena Lopatina was gold in 3’18″73, turkish Ceren Yesilbas silver in 3’19″00, german Johanna Schikora bronze in 3’20″27. Double
gold for russian Viktoria Partsakhashvili on 100 e 400 immersion
(37″93 and 3’03″52). On 100 korean Kyeong Seon Kim silver in 39″37, poland Zuzanna Rzepka bronze in 39″60, on 400 greek Eleftheria Arkoudi silver in 3’15″99, russian Valeriia Kuznetsova bronze in 3’16″69.Turkish Ceren Yesilbas won gold on 1.500 surface in 13’46″09, german Nele Rudolf was silver in 13’52″93, russian Ekaterina Zanoskina bronze in 13’56″85.

MEN – On the men field, 4 athletes emerged winning 2 individual golds each. Czech Jakub Kovarik won 100 surface in 36″68 (korean Gun Young Han silver in 36″81, russian Andrey Avdushkin bronze in 37″22) and 100 immersion in 33″97 (korean Bo Seong Jang silver in 35″05, ukrainian Vitalii Sushchenko bronze in 35″57). Double double for Russia in 100 bifins and 50 bifins and double gold for Aleksey Fedkin (43″02 and 19″46). On 100 silver for Daniil Kolosov in 43″66, on 50 for Evgeniy Shishov in 19″97. Bronze for poland Marcin Lukowicz on 100 in 43″66 and for czech Jakub Klimpar on 50 in 20″30. Two golds even for hungarian Alez Mozsar, on 400 surface (3’02″37) and 400 immersion (2’54″85). Ukrainian Oleksii Zakharov was silver on 400 surface in 3’02″63 and russian Alexandr Khudyshkin bronze in 3’09″02, ukrainian Vitalii Sushchenko silver on 400 immersion in 2’59″76 and russian Alexandr Khudyskhin bronze in 3’00″17. Another double gold on 200 bifins and 400 bifins for greek Konstantonos Livogiannis (1’38″54 and 3’33″69). Russians Aleksey Fedkin was silver on 200 in 1’38″86 and Daniil Kolosov bronze in 1’39″66, hungarian Bence Stadler was silver on 400 in 3’38″33 and russian Aleksei Lobachev bronze in 3’39″17. Ukrainian Oleksii Zakharov won gold on 1.500 sirface in 12’41″38,
turkish Muhammed Emin Bay silver in 12’47″92, russian Nikita Borodin bronze in 12’57″96. On 200 surface double for Russia with Egor Kachmashev gold in 1’24″50 and Andrey Avdushkin silver in 1’24″96, korean Jae Baek Jeong bronze in 1’27″37. Korean Gun Young Han won gold on 50 surface in 16″30, russian Kiriil Vasiliev silver in 16″38, korean Jae Uk Song bronze in 16″60.

RELAYS – Russia dominates the 4 events relays program, winng 3 golds and one silver. Russia won 4X100 bifins in 3’06″82 (Aleksey Dedkin, Valeriia Andreeva, Iana Martynova, Daniil Kolosov), with Hungary silver in 3’07″83 (Marcell Kocsis, Andras Fazekas, Anita Szabo, Dorothy Hamlin) and Czech Republic bronze in 3’11″49 (Jakub Kovarik, Tereza Chromcova, Daniela Uhlirova, Jakub Klimpar); the 4X200 surface women in 6’09″92 (Elena Lopatina, Iuliia Bryndina, Anna Artamonova, Ekaterina Mikhailushkina), with Ukraine silver in 6’14″70 (Daria Karuk, Kateryna Kukhar, Valentyna Rieznik, Yelyzaveta Vakareva), and Germany bronze in 6’19″16 (Michele Ruetze, Nele Rudolf, Anne Eisenberg, Johanna Schikora), the 4X200 surface men in 5’42″66 (Egor Borodulin, Danil Gusev, Andrey Avdushkin, Egor Kachmashev), with Ukraine silver in 5’52″70 (Serhii Smishchenko, Volodymyr Sushchenko, Borys Tkalenko, Oleksii Zakharov) and Greece bronze in 5’53″63
(Nikolaos Papatheodorou, Vasileios Kolipetris, Konstantinos
Terzanidis, Konstantinos Tsiavos). On 4X50 surface mixed South Korea won gold in 1’08″11 (Gun Young Han, Jae Uk Song, Min Jeong Kim, Ui Jin Seo), Russia was silver in 1’08″17 (Kirill Vasiliev, Margarita Russo, Ekaterina Mikhailushkina, Andrey Avdushkin), Colombia bronze in 1’09″61 (Andres Felipe Torres Molano, Maria Camila Joya Aguirre, Merces Malambo Ruiz, Santiago Nicolas Bernal Hernandez).

Press Release courtesy of CMAS.

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