Eastin, Baker, Licon, Seliskar Among 21 Americans on LA Current ISL Roster

**Update: Nathan Adrian announced on Twitter shortly after the press conference that he has signed with LA Current**

The ISL (International Swim League) is set to kick off in the Fall as the first ever professional swimming league. So far, there are 8 teams all over Europe and the United States. The teams will compete in bracket-style competitions, culminating in a league finals in Las Vegas in December. All competitions will be held in SCM (Short Course Meters).

GM Lenny Krayzelburg, a four-time Olympic Gold medalist and former world record holder, help put together a versatile team with lots and lots of sprinting power. As expected, LA Current is another US-heavy, with 20 of 26 being American.

Here is the current (ba dum tss) roster for the LA Current:

This roster already seems to cover all events. Backstroke world record holder Kathleen Baker can also provide quick times and relay splits in the 50, 100, and 200 free. The women’s lineup also has versatile sprinters like Amy Bilquist, Katie McLaughlin, Farida Osman, Beryl Gastaldello, and Aly Tetzloff, all of whom are elite sprinters in at least 2 strokes. Ella Eastin will be a massive threat in the IMs, as well as any back or fly events, and on free relays. Annie Lazor has been throwing down impressive breaststroke times meet after meet, while Kendyl Stewart has already proven herself in the SCM 100 fly. Margo Geer will also be a valuable free sprinter both individually and on relays, while Leah Smith will be highly competitive in the 200/400 free and likely the 400 IM. The women’s team will have lots of options on both their free and medley relays, and especially so on the fly and free medley legs.

The men’s team is just as well-rounded, with pure free sprint talents like Michael Chadwick, Blake Pieroni, Ryan Held (who could also do the 100 fly if needed), and Dylan Carter. Elite breaststroke/IMers Will Licon and Josh Prenot are on the roster, with sprint breaststroker Felipe Lima also on deck. Andrew Seliskar will be able to fill just about any gap needed. Ryan Murphy and Matt Grevers will be huge in the backstrokes, as well as leading of the medley relays, while Tom Shields will be the same in the fly events. Chase Kalisz is another swimmer that could fit into a number of events, but it’s likely we see him mostly compete in the IMs and 200 fly. The addition of Nathan Adrian shortly after the press conference adds even more freestyle speed into the mix, giving the Current a lot of options for their relays and sprint free events.

Here is the 2019 ISL competition schedule:

DATE October 4-5, 2019 October 18-19, 2019 November 15-17, 2019 December 20-21, 2019
TEAMS Cali Condors LA Current Cali Condors US Team
DC Trident New York Breakers DC Trident US Team
Aqua Centurions Team Iron LA Current European Team
Energy Standard London Roar New York Breakers European Team
DATE October 12-13, 2019 October 26-27, 2019 November 23-24, 2019
TEAMS Aqua Centurions Team Iron Aqua Centurions
Energy Standard London Roar Energy Standard
Cali Condors LA Current Team Iron
DC Trident New York Breakers London Roar

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tea rex
4 years ago

Q: What are the “Derbies”? How are they different from the other meets?

Reply to  tea rex
4 years ago

The ISL is modeling itself a lot around European football, in their minds. European football came up more often at the meetings in London than anything else – most counterexamples from other sports were rejected in favor of a moment of European football vision. In British football parlance, a “derby” is a competition between two neighboring teams, either in the same city/town or in very nearby cities/towns. So, the derbies are simply competition between all of the US teams and all of the European teams, respectively, rather than competition within their “groups”.

Foreign Embassy
4 years ago

A team with Licon, Prenot, Seli AND Chase? Those breast and IM events are on lock!

Reply to  Foreign Embassy
4 years ago

And there can only be 2 entries per event👀 Their IM lineup is gonna be interesting

4 years ago

Damn this team is like Cal swimming 2.0

Right Dude Here
Reply to  Swamfan
4 years ago

5/13 Cal for the boys, 2/13 Texas, 1/13 NC State, USC, Indiana, Georgia, Mizzou, Arizona.

But keep in mind what state the team is in to begin with.

4 years ago

Adrian posted something about joining the Current, but not on the list…

4 years ago

With some research, I got these stats on the LA Current roster:

96 Total NCAA Championships (60 men’s…!!!)
18 Olympic Gold medals (16 men’s)
28 LC Worlds Gold medals (23 men’s)

Safe to say that this team is insanely stacked.
Can’t wait for December😁

4 years ago

Gonna be LA, Cali, London, and Energy Standard battling in Las Vegas in December👀. Can’t wait!

Reply to  Ehm
4 years ago

I’m Sorry I think you spelled DC wrong there

4 years ago

Looks like the best US based teams are
Women – Cali Condors
Men – LA Current

4 years ago

Nathan Adrian & Simone Manuel are both ISL ambassadors but were not announced on any of the teams?

Reply to  lib.a
4 years ago

Maybe some people such as Dressel, Manuel, Adrian will not join this season to focus on the Olympics/LCM?