Durban, South Africa Awarded First Commonwealth Games In Africa

The Commonwealth Games Federation has officially named Durban, South Africa the host city of the 2022 Commonwealth Games after receiving support from the South African government.

Durban 2020 plans to make use of the infrastructure that is already in place from the 2010 World Cup and has a budget of $481 million for the other preparations that will be necessary. The South African cabinet believes that hosting the games will have a $1.5 billion output and employ at least 11,500 people.

“This is the first time that Africa will host the Commonwealth Games and will position South Africa as a sport tourism destination and also provide opportunities for Team South Africa.”

The only other city in the running for the 2022 Games, Edmonton, dropped out in February citing falling oil prices. Edmonton was awarded another event, however. Today Edmonton was also named the host city for Commonwealth Games 2016 General Assembly.

The 2018 edition of the Games will be hosted in Gold Coast, Australia and will be the last Commonwealth Games that only features 10 core sports. The Commonwealth Games Federation approved other changes increasing the number of core sports from 10 to 16 with the goal of stabilizing costs and increasing participation of para-athletes and women. 


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8 years ago

Well done Durban, well done SA. This is a great stepping stone toward Africa hosting the Olympics one day. Do a good job with a modest budget on the Commonwealth Games($481m v $10bn) and who knows, one day the Olympics could be coming to Africa. Break out the Vuvuzela’s!

Gina Rhinestone
8 years ago

You don’t understand . It is more than swimming & it has zilch to do with the USA .

Great news for the whole Southern African region .

8 years ago

I don’t understand; SA can’t even support their swimmers or pay for them to attend meets, yet they have $481 million to stage a multi-sport championship?

Reply to  Danjohnrob
8 years ago

The funding problem becomes acute at World Championships and at Pan-Pacs, which are sometimes designated as self funded competitions without any funding. The Commonwealth Games are always funded, and have massive domestic support across all sporting disciplines. Everybody agrees with you that the sport needs and deserves more funding.

Reply to  Danjohnrob
8 years ago

We can host it thank you very much. We are a great swimming nation

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