Introducing The Definitive Paris Olympic Swimming Editorial Guide By Swimming Stats

This is an ad-free, one-off, 245-page editorial guide. 

Swimming Stats and SwimSwam are proud to present our definitive Paris 2024 Olympic Editorial Guide, which will provide all of the information you need to follow along with the swimming events at the upcoming Olympic Games.

The guide has been in development over the past few months, and we can assure you that there’s nothing out there quite like this in the sport. This tool is invaluable for global media who will be covering the swimming portion of the upcoming Olympic Games.

As we’ve noticed growing interest in swimming statistics, projections, historical rankings and records via the Swimming Stats by SwimSwam Instagram page, this guide will be an indispensable tool for your use as the swimming events unfold in Paris, beginning July 27.

Inside the guide you will find detailed stats about Olympic swimming history, along with the top 16 athlete profiles in each event—including open water events—as well as historical rankings and records, all-time tables, trivia, etc. Each event is covered in 5-6 pages, with the guide totalling 246 pages.

It is highly recommended for those who will be working on Olympic coverage (press, media, commentators, coaches etc.), as well as for swimming nerds around the world.

This is a result of years of hard work and dedication. Most of the data and information available in this guide is not accessible anywhere else. It is a truly prime product like none other in swimming market.

The guide can be yours for a one-time payment of $250 (USD). You can buy the guide here.

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8 days ago

Key swimming journalists should be sent one for free. I run a swimming page that had 550,000 readers just this week. I could give it a plug.

Reply to  Dave
3 days ago

Why not support all the hard work put into this document instead of flexing your half a mil (alleged) readers?

9 days ago

Buy it before Biff gets it!

Fraser Thorpe
9 days ago

Can Ch9 please invest in a copy each for their commentary team

Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  Fraser Thorpe
9 days ago

i don’t think it would even matter. ch9 employed a stats guy at trials and in fukuoka, who said he was passing the commentators the top 10 performers in each event and some other facts. but they didn’t say anything about short breaking the aus record in the 800, yet they managed to falsely claim that perkins was the first person to break 15:00. even looking at the program is too much for giaan, since she claimed that there were semis at trials (before proceeding to say the opposite on every following day) and didn’t see why titmus would swim the 800 based solely on where it sits in the program

Last edited 9 days ago by Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  Emily Se-Bom Lee
8 days ago

They could bring that 14 year old they had on deck at trials.

Reply to  Fraser Thorpe
9 days ago

At least one member of their team already has 🙂

Reply to  Braden Keith
3 days ago

Ahhhhh! There is hope! Maybe …….thats the best thing I’ve read all week. Don’t know why they don’t use their stats guru more … he’s excellent.

10 days ago

Perhaps an unpopular opinion: an incredible amount of work goes into producing guide books like this, and the price is a relative bargain for the intended consumers.

Last edited 10 days ago by PBJSwimming
Awsi Dooger
Reply to  PBJSwimming
9 days ago

There is value at the extremes

11 days ago

Is it April already?

Spotted Zebra
11 days ago

Could we have some kind of SwimSwam competition where the challenge winner receives a copy of this comprehensive Olympic Guide? 😃 (And then, when I inevitably finish 627th, I will revisit the idea of purchasing the Guide 😆).

Nick the biased Aussie
11 days ago

I’ll give you 5 bucks and a red bull

Reply to  Nick the biased Aussie
9 days ago

….nick, I’m not saying the data is great for aussie fans, but it is reaffirming for fans of a nation with a population of only 27 million that keep produces lights-out swimming talent over and over and over…

Reply to  Nick the biased Aussie
9 days ago

If I even say the words “r** b***” I’m going to have 14 swim coaches at my door hunting for my neck.

11 days ago

One can surf the World Aquatics swimming database to research Michael Andrew’s individual failures at the Summer Olympics without paying a penny.


I wonder if Michael Andrew met God down on the beaches of Costa Rica. It was God’s plan after all for Michael Andrew’s failure to qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics.