Denver Pioneers Sweep Summit League Champs for Second-Straight Year





  1. Denver – 1047
  2. South Dakota – 695.5
  3. Lindenwood – 566.5
  4. Nebraska Omaha – 479
  5. South Dakota State – 317
  6. St. Thomas – 219
  7. Eastern Illinois – 189
  8. Southern Indiana – 125


  1. Denver – 902
  2. Lindenwood – 798.5
  3. South Dakota – 546
  4. South Dakota State – 495
  5. Nebraska Omaha – 345
  6. St. Thomas – 242
  7. Eastern Illinois – 171.5
  8. Southern Indiana – 137

Denver has swept the Summit League Championships for the second year in a row, winning the women’s meet by a massive 353.5-point margin. Meanwhile, the Pioneer men’s team pulled away from Lindenwood as the meet progressed. For their part, Lindenwood performed great in their first year in the conference and as a Division I program, taking second in the men’s meet and third in the women’s meet.

Denver’s Mina Ada Solaker won the women’s 400 IM decisively, swimming a 4:17.94. She swam a well-balanced race, going 59.31 on fly, 1:03.64 on back, 1:15.41 on breast, and 59.58 on free.

Marco Nosack (Denver) continued to have an excellent meet, winning the men’s 400 IM in 3:51.20, touching out Lindenwood’s Jan Hanzal (3:51.29) and Denver’s Kieran Watson (3:51.71). Watson got out to the early lead, splitting 52.87 on fly, ahead of Hanzal’s 53.34 and Nosack’s 54.12. Watson then took a huge lead on backstroke, splitting 59.38 to Watson’s 1:01.53 and Nosack’s 1:01.77. Nosack had the fastest breast split, splitting 1:03.30, compared to Hanzal’s 1:05.20 and Watson’s 1:06.26. Hanzal hit the breast-to-free turn first, leading Nosack by 1.21 seconds and Watson by 2.74 seconds. Nosack then came home in 52.01 on the final 100, pulling into the lead at the finish.

Denver’s Natalie Arky won the women’s 100 fly in 53.44, touching first by over a second. Lindenwood’s McKayla Siemiller was leading at the 50-yard mark, but Arky’s second 50 was far superior to hers. Arky would go on to win the women’s 100 back as well on Friday, swimming a 53.47. She built a huge lead on the first 50, then managed to grow that lead slightly through the back half as well.

Arky then won the women’s 200 back on Saturday, swimming a 1:53.94. She got out to a fast start, splitting 54.80 on the first 100, then came home in 59.14 on the second 100.

Lindenwood’s Elliott Irwin won the men’s 100 fly by over a second, clocking a 46.28. Irwin went on to win the men’s 100 free on Saturday, clocking a 43.42.

Ines Marin Alexandre (Denver) won the women’s 200 free by a wide margin, swimming a 1:47.74. She put together a great race, splitting 25.60 on the first 50, then splitting 27.59, 27.23, and 27.32 respectively on the remaining 50s. It was a 1-2 punch by the Pioneers, with Kali Metuzals taking second in 1:49.90, finishing as the only other swimmer in the field under 1:50.

In a very tight finish, Lindenwood went 1-2 in the men’s 200 free, seeing Patryk Winiatowski finish first in 1:37.91. He led teammate Vincent Jaworski (1:38.04) into the finish, with both men touching out Denver’s Riley Babson (1:38.09). Both Winiatowski and Jaworski were leading Babson at the 100 mark, but Babson came home just a little faster on the back half of the race, closing the gap, but still finishing in third.

Winiatowski would go on to win the men’s 100 IM on Saturday, swimming a 48.83. He got out to a huge lead on the first 50 of the race and managed to hold on through the back half.

In another 1-2 finish, Denver’s Jessica Maeda won the women’s 100 breast in 1:01.02. It was fellow Pioneer Sophia Bricker who came in second, swimming a 1:02.09. Bricker was actually leading Maeda by 0.03 seconds at the 50-yard turn, but Maeda came home 1.10 seconds faster than her on the final 50.

Maeda would win the women’s 200 breast on Saturday as well, swimming a 2:12.69. She won the race by a hug margin, touching nearly four seconds ahead of runner-up Beata Maruszczyk (Lindenwood), who swam a 2:16.43.

Lindenwood’s Johan Cue Carrillo won the men’s 100 breast convincingly, posting a 52.28. It was yet another 1-2 finish, as Carrillo’s teammate Mattia Giurgevich came in second with a 53.43.

Denver’s Sean Simmons won the men’s 100 back in 48.72, leading a very tight ‘A’ final.

Denver won women’s 3-meter diving as, with Zora Opalka racking up a final score of 316.05. She led the event by a huge margin, beating runner-up Kaelyn Hinesley, her teammate, by 33.70 points.

Meanwhile, Lindenwood’s David Molina Fregenal won men’s 3-meter diving by 30 points, finishing with a score of 352.20.

Denver won the women’s 400 medley relay convincingly, touching in 3:38.77. Natalie Arky (54.18), Jessica Maeda (1:00.78), Ines Marin Alexandre (54.26), and Erika Remington (49.55) combined to get the job done.

Lindenwood’s Matheo Mateos-Mongelos (48.89), Johan Cue Carrillo (52.06), Elliott Irwin (46.35), and Ondrej Dusa (43.79) teamed up to win the men’s 400 medley relay in 3:11.09.

Lindenwood’s Beata Maruszczyk won the women’s 100 IM in 56.69.

Denver’s Dylan Wright won the men’s 200 back in 1:43.85, beating out South Dakota State’s Denilson Cyprianos (1:44.03). Wright built a huge lead on the front half, splitting 49.92 on the first 100 to Cyprianos’ 51.23. Cyprianos then came home faster but wasn’t quite able to get ahead of Wright.

South Dakota’s Emily Kahn took the women’s 100 free in 49.80, touching exactly half-a-second ahead of runner-up Elisabeth Timmer (South Dakota State).

Denver’s Alexander Lynch won the men’s 200 breast in a photo-finish with St. Thomas’ Joe Rudd. Rudd got out to a huge lead on the first 100, splitting 54.73 to Lynch’s 56.10. Then, Rudd and Lynch had the exact same split on the third 50, both going 30.10. Rudd then faded hard, splitting 31.43 on the final 50, while Lynch came home in 30.05, getting him into the finish 0.01 seconds ahead of Rudd. Lynch finished in 1:56.25, just ahead of Rudd’s 1:56.26.

Denver put up a 1-2 finish in the women’s 200 fly. Mia Moulden won the event in 2:01.56, while teammate Daniela Alfaro Saldana clocked a 2:03.6 for second. Saldana was leading at the 100-yard mark, splitting 57.39.

The Pioneers also went 1-2 in the men’s 200 fly. Brandon Chapman swam a 1:56.05, leading teammate Dan Kunin by 1.66 seconds.

Denver’s Nika Spehar won the women’s 1650 free by 15 seconds, swimming a 16:47.97. Kieran Watson (Denver) won the men’s 1650 in 15:17.28.

Denver won the women’s 400 free relay over South Dakota in a very close race. Denver’s Kali Metuzals (51.57), Megan Lucyshyn (50.94), Ines Marin Alexandre (50.01), and Erika Reminton (49.83) combined for a 3:22.35, while South Dakota’s Emily Kahn (49.90), Christina Spomer (50.59), Skyler Leverenz (50.93), and Carson White (51.02) teamed up for a 3:22.44.

Lindenwood was dominant in the men’s 400 free relay, swimming a 2:55.57. Patryk Winiatowski (44.03), Mattia Giurgevich (44.83), Ondrej Dusa (43.80), and Elliott Irwin (42.91) combined for the win.

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