Defending Olympic Champ Ye Shiwen Misses Rio Final in 400 IM


Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen, who was the 2012 Olympic gold medalist in the 400 IM thanks to a stunning World Record swim, has missed the final in the same event on the first day of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Ye was only 7th in the 400 IM at the Chinese Olympic Trials in the event, but at the time blamed a sudden illness and did perform better later in the meet. But even at 20 years old, when she swam in Rio, she wasn’t even close. Her finishing time in the heats of 4:45.86 was over 17 seconds slower than she was in the London Olympic final and finished only in 27th place. Meanwhile, Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu came within tenths of breaking her World Record as the top qualifier.

Ye has battled health issues since winning that gold in London, though she did still win the event at the 2014 Asian Games. She was selected for China’s Olympic Team, even without placing well at their Trials, because they didn’t view any other Chinese swimmers as viable alternatives.

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Talk about a one hit wonder


Yes! Good riddance!


So she was 16 when they doped her into a gold medal. She became a laughingstock for swimming her last 50 faster than Lochte. Four years later, she swims miserably. And for the rest of her life she will be remembered, if at all, as a cheat. What a waste!


Honestly stop blaming all performances, no matter how fast, by Chinese athletes, as doping. As long as no drug tests come back from London revealing that she doped, please kindly show some respect for fast performances….


She was strongly suspected of doping before London and then later caught sooooo…

Joel Lin

Thank you for that. What a joke she wasn’t caught before or at London. Hopefully the Iron Lady wipes this WR off the books tonite.


You are ignorant. What is the definition of a “suspected” doper??? Someone who swims fast out of nowhere?


A non-white athlete that wins.


@Stopfina, where exactly did you see that she was caught doping?

Brian Amen

Happens to be that the current dopers aren’t white. But we all railed against the East Germans and Soviets (as white as it white gets) in the 80s during their doping eras. Watering it down to race means you lack a cogent argument and are ignorant of Chinese history of doping.

Brian Amen

How many East Germans were caught for rampant doping in 70s and 80s. The dopers are always a step ahead of the tests.


lol she’ll have a gold medal and you have is well, nothing, actually. Other than being really fat.

double standard

Tell me how Katie Ledecky won a gold at 15 years age and not being suspected to dope. I just don’t get the reason why.

Brian Amen

Us swimming has a history of clean swimming-its enforced top down and bottom up-zero tolerance for doping. Chinese had no swimmers of international caliber pre 1990s and exploded on the scene after retaining the former East German coach-shortly thereafter there were dozens of Chinese women swimmers who failed drug tests-of such quantity that it could be nothing other than institutionalize doping.

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