Day 7 Relay Lineups: Along with Le Clos, Cseh Out of Men’s Medley


The relay lineups for the men’s and women’s medley relay prelims have been released, with no real surprises on either side.

The biggest surprise on the women’s side would have to be the exclusion of both Bronte and Cate Campbell from the Australian freestyle leg, as one of them was expected to swim the prelims with the other coming in for the final. Who swims the final now is unknown, as Cate had the faster relay leg on the 400 free relay, but faded bad in last night’s 100 free and was beaten by Bronte. Brittany Elmslie takes the  freestyle spot this morning in their place.

Teams on the women’s side expected to make changes if they advance include USA, Australia and Canada. Take a look at the full lineups for the women below:

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

Heat 1

  1. Brazil (N.Luccas, J.Conceicao, D.De Paula, L.Oliveira)
  2. Russia (A.Fesikova, Y.Efimova, S.Chimrova, V.Popova)
  3. Canada (K.Masse, R.Nicol, N.Thomas, T.Ruck)
  4. Sweden (M.Coleman, J.Johnasson, S.Sjostrom, L.Hansson)
  5. Denmark (M.Nielsen, R.Pedersen, J.Ottesen, P.Blume)
  6. Japan (N.Sakai, S.Suzuki, R.Ikee, M.Uchida)
  7. Finland (M.Jallow, J.Laukkanen, E.Pikkarainen, H.Seppala)
  8. Hong Kong (S.Au, Y.Kong, H.Sze, C.Cheng)

Heat 2

  1. France (B.Gastaldello, F.Deberghes, M.Wattel, C.Bonnet)
  2. Italy (C.Zofkova, A.Castiglioni, I.Bianchi, F.Pellegrini)
  3. Australia (M.Wilson, T.McKeown, M.Groves, B.Elmslie)
  4. China (F.Yunahui, Z.Xinyu, L.Ying, S.Duo)
  5. USA (O.Smoliga, K.Meili, K.Worrell, A.Weitzeil)
  6. Great Britain (G.Davies, C.Tutton, S.O’Connor, G.Coates)
  7. Germany (J.Mensing, V.Grimberg, A.Wenk, A.Bruhn)
  8. Czech Republic (S.Baumrtova, M.Moravcikova, L.Svecena, B.Seemanova)

As expected on the men’s side, Chad Le Clos will not swim for South Africa after dropping the event to focus on the 100 fly. The case is the same for Laszlo Cseh, who won’t swim for Hungary this morning in order to rest up for the 100 fly showdown tonight.

Other than those, the only other real surprise is the inclusion of Australian Mitch Larkin, who one might expect would get a bye to the final and the Aussies would put Josh Beaver in, but they didn’t want to take any changes. It also may give Larkin a confidence boost if he can pop off a fast swim here.

The USA, France, Australia and Russia appear to be the only four teams who would definitely make lineup changes if they were to advance.

Take a look at the full men’s lineups below:

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

Heat 1

  1. Italy (S.Sabbioni, A.Toniato, P.Codia, L.Dotto)
  2. Russia (G.Tarasevich, A.Chupkov, E.Koptelov, A.Sukhorukov)
  3. Germany (J.Glania, C.vom Lehn, S.Deibler, D.Wierling)
  4. Australia (M.Larkin, J.Packard, D.Morgan, C.McEvoy)
  5. Great Britain (C.Walker-Hebborn, A.Peaty, J.Guy, D.Scott)
  6. Poland (R.Kawecki, M.Stolarski, K.Czerniak, K.Majchrzak)
  7. Canada (J.Acevedo, J.Block, M.Darragh, Y.Kisil)
  8. Lithuania (D.Rapsys, G.Titenis, D.Margevicius, S.Bilis)

Heat 2

  1. Greece (A.Christou, P.Samilidis, A.Vazaios, K.Gkolomeev)
  2. South Africa (C.Reid, C.van der Burgh, D.Bosch, D.Brown)
  3. Japan (R.Irie, Y.Koseki, T.Fujii, K.Nakamura)
  4. USA (D.Plummer, K.Cordes, T.Shields, C.Dressel)
  5. France (C.Lacourt, T.Bussiere, J.Stravius, C.Mignon)
  6. Brazil (G.Guido, F.Franca, H.Martins, M.Chierighini)
  7. Hungary (G.Balog, D.Gyurta, B.Pulai, R.Bohus)
  8. China (X.Jiayu, L.Xiang, L.Zhuhao, N.Zetao)



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7 years ago

Any thought on Cordes over Miller? Know Cordes has been off, but Miller’s (dolphin) kick always scares me of a potential DQ

Reply to  RetiredSwammer
7 years ago

And Cordes history of DQ on relays scares most people.

Reply to  coachmanny09
7 years ago

Prenot in the Final. Inside sources

7 years ago

So I suppose this means swapping Adrian for Dressel and the GOAT for Shields in the final? Seems like an easy gold for USA

7 years ago

and murphy for plummer and miller for cordes

7 years ago

I think GB women will struggle without Halsall unfortunately.

In fairness though, Halsall has a better medal chance than this relay.

Captain Awesome
Reply to  Iain
7 years ago

True, but why put Coates in? She’s a 55 second 100 freestyler which is far too slow for this level. Even Halsalls 100 free isn’t that competitive either. I don’t really understand why Coates is there since the whole message for the team was to only bring people who would be competitive.

Reply to  Captain Awesome
7 years ago

Halsall individually no, relay halsall can very well be world class.

7 years ago

No Santo Condorelli in Canada’s lineup? Bold move to rest him considering they are the 12 seed.

JP Input is too short
Reply to  Fish
7 years ago

Kisil is about as good on relays, should be fresher and will probably be doing that leg tonight anyway. They have to swim Darragh at fly as they brought him as relay-only.

Canadian John Doe
Reply to  Fish
7 years ago

They had to swim Mack Darragh. I think the should be very close to the final if they swim well.

7 years ago

Team GB will win their heat today and the final tomorrow – Phelps to finish his career with a loss!

Yea Right
Reply to  Mark
7 years ago


7 years ago

Disappointing ..Individual glory above the Team.. the whole country has been looking forward to the relay!

7 years ago

I hope the American women break the world record in the prelims!!!!!

Reply to  Stat
7 years ago

Like many other years, the USA could go 1-2 if allowed to field two teams in finals.

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
7 years ago

I meant this to be for the men.

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