Dave Durden Post-Race Interview on Tight Team Battle (Video)

Reported by Andrew Mering.

Cal scored the most swimming points with 437.5 followed by NC State with 385, Texas with 368, and Florida with 347. Indiana led the diving points with 98, followed by Texas with 81, Tennessee with 56, and Purdue with 54. Cal gained the most swimming points against the psych sheet, picking up 97, followed by Georgia who gained 79.5, Stanford who gained 75.5, and USC with 74. The biggest points drop offs came from Ohio State who dropped 55, then Auburn who lost 49.5.

The highest scoring class at the meet were Florida’s seniors with 167 individual points. Next were Indiana’s juniors with 125. Then it was the Texas juniors with 108 and the Texas freshmen with 104. Texas return the most individual points with 251 returning. Cal are next with 218.5 coming back followed by Indiana with 180 and NC State with 124. 5th place Florida have some pretty big holes to fill as they only return 16 individual points next year. The team that look poised to take their place in the top 5 is Michigan who return 93.5 individual points.

Texas and Cal each scored 27 times in individual events. Texas had 17 A finalists and Cal had 16. Indiana had 22 individual scoring events with 17 A finals it was their only 5 B finalists that cost them in their quest to keep up with the top 2.

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2 years ago

video link?

Right Dude Here
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He’s speechless.

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