Daiya Seto To Train In the United States, Officially Turns Pro

In addition to the news that the Japanese Swimming Federation (JASF) has pulled its team from this year’s FINA Short Course World Championships, there are a couple of significant updates regarding its high-profile athlete Daiya Seto.

First, Seto revealed to SwimSwam this week that he will soon be splitting his training time between the United States and Japan. He will begin this geo-split later this year, although the 27-year-old is keeping his actual U.S. locations under wraps for the time being.

Seto has ground out the laps in the United States before, specifically to take advantage of altitude training. And, his retired domestic rival Kosuke Hagino spent time training under Michael Phelps’ coach and ASU head coach Bob Bowman in 2017, although Bowman confirmed to SwimSwam that he has not been contacted by Seto.

From what Seto told us, he doesn’t plan on sticking to one program while spending time in the U.S. but rather taking on a roadshow of sorts to try out different philosophies, methods and coaching styles around the nation.

The second major Seto update is the fact that the man has become the fourth Japanese swimmer to declare emancipation from the JASF.

Following in the footsteps of Kosuke Kitajima, Kosuke Hagino and Ippei Watanabe, Seto is officially a professional athlete and will now be primarily responsible for expenses related to training camps and trips. However, the restrictions on Seto’s commercial activities will be relaxed, which opens the door for more earning opportunities heading into Paris 2024.

In an Instagram post today Seto said, “I am grateful to the Japan Swimming Federation for being recognized as an excluded certified athlete.

“I will spend every day with purpose until the Paris Olympics. We will strengthen my performance by participating in overseas competitions, etc., and I would like to cooperate with the Japan Swimming Federation so that we can contribute to the development and spread of swimming around the world. Thank you for your continued support.”

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Corn Pop
2 years ago

Body building? .

Last edited 2 years ago by Corn Pop
2 years ago

Head to UGA so Coleman can film a sick Practice and Pancakes of a Kalisz, Seto, & Litherland IM practice

Reply to  Canswim13
2 years ago

If chase and Jay are there training

katie’s gator arc
Reply to  Ghost
2 years ago

yeah they are still in georgia training but train with different groups. i think jay is back with dynamo and chase is with the athens post-grad/pro group

Canadian Swimmer
2 years ago

I didn’t expect him to bounce back quickly after the Olympics, but a 2:01 200 breast after a 4:01 400 IM in a session is mighty impressive. He seems to be at least back to his usual excellent in season form. Hopefully he can recapture his ability to equal those times and get a fourth World Champs gold!

Reply to  Canadian Swimmer
2 years ago

i think that he had it within himself to do well this summer, but the combination of pressure and maybe morning finals, and a messed up taper contributed to him choking when he actually had the ability to do well.

2 years ago

He wasn’t pro already?

Hosuke Kagino
2 years ago

Another one to the Florida Gators?

Reply to  Hosuke Kagino
2 years ago

Oh that would be cool! Or UGA?

2 years ago

I doubt this helps his marriage.

2 years ago

He wants some of the American flavor. Filled all up on Japanese Infidelity

Reply to  Pvdh
2 years ago

lol didnt u used to be a normal commenter haha?

Reply to  Anonymoose
2 years ago

Don’t think he/she ever was

Reply to  Anonymoose
2 years ago

Yes but I’m starting to lose interest in the sport and this site so I’m gonna go out with a bang

Daiya Seto Insider
2 years ago

He will be training at Michigan for some time this winter.

Big mac #1
Reply to  Daiya Seto Insider
2 years ago

Really, or is this a joke?

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