UPDATED PROJECTIONS: Top 39 Rows All Should Qualify for 2014 Women’s NCAA Championships

While these are entirely unofficial, thanks to some incredible work from Krista Kezbers, Debra Gemmell, and Mary DeMilia, we’ve gotten the top 50 from the 2014 NCAA Women’s Division I Championship “pre-selection” start lists into a spreadsheet for the first time.

What does that mean for you, our readers?

It’s time to have some REAL fun.

See the PDF of the psych sheets here.

The first thing we tackled was where the cut-line would fall for individual events, as this is the most immediately important.

For a refresher of how NCAA qualifying works, see Jared Anderson’s update here.

In brief, the selection committee goes line-by-line, selecting only unique swimmers, until they hit the 281 allotted for individual entries (322 total athletes minus 41 divers).

39, it’s the magic number.

When we calculated it out, all 39 rows get in to the

UPDATE: We found an error where Sam Harding from Minnesota was listed twice. This means that all 39 rows get in.

These lists could change before the official selections are released tomorrow (scratches, errors in entries that come with a steep fine, etc.) so don’t take this as golden yet, but that’s where things look right now.

That would be a small, but significant, increase from last season, where 38 swimmers were invited in every individual event by the time scratches were all done settling out. That means that there were fewer swimmers who had a ‘one-off’ event that ranked in the top 38 or 39 spots.

Who is on the bubble?

If our math holds true, here are the swimmers on the 39th line who are the ‘last ones in.’ We’ve struck through those who were selected higher in another event.

Lips, Haley 4:42.86 Indiana 500 free
Durmer, Haley 1:58.13 Virginia 200 IM
Worrell, Kelsi 22.40 Louisville 50 free
There was a tie for 38th – both are in 400 IM
Carter, Amber 52.92 LSU 100 fly
Karosas, Tasija 1:46.00 Texas 200 Free
Nicholas, Tara-Lynn 1:00.78 So. Methodist 100 breast
Campbell, Hailey 53.20 Brigham Young 100 back
Nasson, Steph 16:20.32 Boston University 1650 free
Vernon, Nicole 1:55.19 Georgia 200 back
Pazevic, Alana 48.82 Arizona 100 free
Boggs, Olivia 2:11.12 Georgia 200 breast
Reinhardt, Jess 1:56.79 Liberty University 200 fly

Based on these numbers, and if our math is correct, and if there are no more scratches, right now, all 39 of those rows will be in.

This, again, precludes that the psych sheets are correct in our spreadsheet – and we’ve now had four sets of eyes on it (and, an hour of reader inspection).

The biggest name who was on that bubble but snuck in was Cal breaststroker Marina Garcia, who has had an up-and-down season this year. They’ll need her to catch fire if the Golden Bears want to challenge the defending champions Georgia for the team title.

For the sake of letting everyone check us, these are the 281 swimmers we have as being invited. Please, if you see any errors, let us know ASAP and we will update our math, sorted by school:

Miller, Genevieve Air Force
Blood, Bridget Alabama
Burchell, Kaylin Alabama
Vourna, Kristel Alabama
Brandon, Bonnie Arizona
Evans, Ashley Arizona
Finnegan, Gracie Arizona
Geer, Margo Arizona
Oder, Tjasa Arizona
Pazevic, Alana Arizona
Sarris, Eve Arizona
Schoettmer, Emma Arizona
Baxter, Tristin Arizona State
Daniels, Nikki Arkansas
Mayfield, Anna Arkansas
Menzel, Nicole Arkansas
White, Susanna Arkansas
Bos, Emily Auburn
Merritt, Alex Auburn
Peacock, Aubrey Auburn
Peterson, Sarah Auburn
Purcell, Allyx Auburn
Reynolds, Sarah Auburn
Vitarius, Jillian Auburn
Aoyama, Brittany Boise State
Wicks, Sam Boise State
Nasson, Steph Boston University
Kuras, Brittney Buffalo
Campbell, Hailey BYU
Acker, Rachael California
Au, Stephanie California
Batchelor, Sophia California
Bing, Kaylin California
Bootsma, Rachel California
Breed, Catherine California
Cheng, Camille California
Franklin, Missy California
Garcia Urzainqui, Marina California
Klaren, Melanie California
Li, Celina California
Naze, Kelly California
Osman, Farida California
Pelton, Elizabeth California
Piehl, Caroline California
Tran, Cindy California
Keire, Jacqueline Cincinnati
Corea, Sam Denver
Weaver, Lauren Duke
Wixted, Christine Duke
Sellers, Megan East Carolina
Beisel, Elizabeth Florida
Hinds, Natalie Florida
Katz, Taylor Florida
Linn, Ashlee Florida
Luthersdottir, Hilda Florida
Mathieu, Alicia Florida
McKnight, Lindsey Florida
Rankin, Megan Florida
Roy, Taylor Florida
Russell, Sinead Florida
Smith, Jordan Florida
Thielmann, Jessica Florida
Valley, Danielle Florida
Zalewski, Ellese Florida
Svensson, Emma Florida Gulf
Toussaint, Kira Florida Gulf
Gustafsdottir, Johanna Florida Int’l
Perez Arau, Sonia Florida Int’l
Britt, Chelsea Florida State
Dressel, Kaitlyn Florida State
Henkel, Julia Florida State
Jacobi, Madison Florida State
Lightbourn, Mckayla Florida State
Oliver, Tiffany Florida State
Pochowski, Sami Florida State
Boggs, Olivia Georgia
Cameron, Emily Georgia
Flockinger, Hali Georgia
Harrington, Lauren Georgia
Locus, Madeline Georgia
MacLean, Brittany Georgia
Margalis, Melanie Georgia
Mattern, Jordan Georgia
McDermott, Amber Georgia
O’Malley, Shannon Georgia
Peters, Courtney Georgia
Smoliga, Olivia Georgia
Van Landeghem, Chantal Georgia
Vernon, Nicole Georgia
Vreeland, Shannon Georgia
Zhu, Annie Georgia
Zilinskas, Rachel Georgia
Lee, Danielle Harvard
Sterbis, Jamie Idaho
Dalesandro, Gia Indiana
Day, Allie Indiana
Flederbach, Kait Indiana
Lips, Haley Indiana
Maclean, Brenna Indiana
Pammett, Cynthia Indiana
Pasloski, Bronwyn Indiana
Ress, Justine Indiana
Snodgrass, Brooklyn Indiana
Szekeres, Dorina Indiana
Vrooman, Lindsay Indiana
Wistey, Imelda Iowa State
Dubay, Shannon James Madison
Miller, Chelsie Kansas
Bechtel, Tina Kentucky
Galyer, Danielle Kentucky
Myers, Abby Kentucky
Kaufman, Emilie Liberty University
Reinhardt, Jess Liberty University
Cottrell, Andee Louisville
Kohoyda, Gisselle Louisville
Kylliainen, Tanja Louisville
Worrell, Kelsi Louisville
Carter, Amber LSU
Kopcso, Kara LSU
Oquist, Caley LSU
Beidler, Courtney Michigan
Chokran, Angie Michigan
Deloof, Ali Michigan
Mattingly, Zoe Michigan
Oldershaw, Marni Michigan
Beherns, Tess Minnesota
Harding, Sam Minnesota
Janzen, Kiera Minnesota
Plant, Jessica Minnesota
Simenec, Tori Minnesota
Siwicki, Breanne Minnesota
Smith, Kierra Minnesota
Weiland, Becca Minnesota
Barbiea, Dani Missouri
Patterson, Anna Missouri
Ross, Katharine Missouri
Bonnema, Riki NC State
Grogg, Zina NC State
Nevalainen, Lotta NC State
Zevnik, Alexia NC State
Li, Yawen Nevada
Mann, Katie New Hampshire
Abruzzo, Lauren Northwestern
Casey, Bridget Notre Dame
McDonough, Christen Notre Dame
Miller, Katie Notre Dame
Reaney, Emma Notre Dame
Ferguson, Addy Ohio
Clary, Lindsey Ohio State
Norris, Alex Ohio State
Vance, Ashley Ohio State
Vargo, Taylor Ohio State
Williams, Michelle Ohio State
Harrison, Sammy Oregon State
Fortin, Shelby Penn
Ackman, Alyson Penn State
Powers, Mackenzie Penn State
Rodriguez, Melissa Penn State
Rowe, Katie Penn State
Shishkoff, Gabi Penn State
Siverling, Megan Penn State
Sowinski, Katelyn Penn State
Weedman, Chelsea Penn State
Ritter, Kaleigh Pittsburgh
Boyce, Lisa Princeton
Larson, Nikki Princeton
Marr, Francesca Purdue
Mercer, Carly Purdue
Clark, Casey Rice
Wu, Joanna Rutgers
Apostalon, Anika San Diego State
Macklin, Mikaela San Diego State
Erasmus, Marne So. Methodist
Nicholas, Tara-Lynn So. Methodist
Nicol, Rachel So. Methodist
Rangelova, Nina So. Methodist
Rutqvist, Amanda South Carolina
Carlson, Kasey Southern California
Chenault, Chelsea Southern California
Gardell, Stina Southern California
Hawthorne, Meghan Southern California
Kropp, Andrea Southern California
Lim, Lynette Southern California
Malazdrewicz, Lexie Southern California
Stenkvist, Joanna Southern California
Stewart, Kendyl Southern California
Tosky, Jasmine Southern California
Wilk, Kasia Southern California
Anderson, Julia Stanford
DiRado, Maya Stanford
Haase, Sarah Stanford
Lee, Felicia Stanford
Neal, Lia Stanford
Olsen, Katie Stanford
Schaefer, Maddy Stanford
Stein, Mackenzie Stanford
Taylor, Andie Stanford
Thayer, Annemarie Stanford
Carner, Amanda Tennessee
Demonte, Anna Tennessee
Driscoll, Lauren Tennessee
Gendron, Lindsay Tennessee
Griffith, Mary Tennessee
Hannis, Molly Tennessee
Johnson, Faith Tennessee
Leander, Christina Tennessee
Lundstrom, Heather Tennessee
Solernou, Lauren Tennessee
Cox, Madisyn Texas
Hooper, Alex Texas
Jacques, Gretchen Texas
Karosas, Tasija Texas
Leneave, Kelsey Texas
Lobb, Ellen Texas
Moldenhauer, Lily Texas
Pawlowicz, Kaitlin Texas
Tucker, Samantha Texas
Adams, Cammile Texas A&M
Benjamin, Kelli Texas A&M
Bosma, Sammie Texas A&M
Brandt, Claire Texas A&M
Dittmer, Erica Texas A&M
Henry, Sarah Texas A&M
Ibanez Lopez, Lili Texas A&M
Jonker, Franko Texas A&M
Konetzke, Colleen Texas A&M
Larson, Breeja Texas A&M
McClure, Melanie Texas A&M
McElhany, Caroline Texas A&M
McGregor, Ashley Texas A&M
McMahon, Sycerika Texas A&M
Miller, Paige Texas A&M
Oliver, Meredith Texas A&M
Burke, Kaitlin Towson
Rowland, Melanie Towson
Soma, Cassundra Towson
Alvarez, Liliana UC Davis
Cheung, Hilvy UC Davis
Baker, Lauren UCLA
Campbell, Katy UCLA
Mack, Linnea UCLA
Quah, Ting UCLA
Tarazona, Noelle UCLA
White, Madison UCLA
Ward, Andrea UCSB
Escobedo Emily UMBC
Blalock, Cari UNC
Earp, Lauren UNC
Harrison, Annie UNC
Hoover, Meredith UNC
Koucherki, Sarah UNC
Lincoln, Hannah UNC
Nunn, Emma UNC
Peacock, Stephanie UNC
Siverling, Danielle UNC
Smith, Carly UNC
Colleou, Stina Univ of Utah
Ligeza, Nicole Univ of Utah
Swartz, Traycie Univ of Utah
Zuch, Sami Univ of Utah
Dixon, Rachel UNLV
Herrington, Katelyne UNLV
Bartholomew, Courtney Virginia
Borgersen, Hanne Virginia
Casey, Shaun Virginia
Durmer, Haley Virginia
Haulsee, Alison Virginia
Jones, Kaitlyn Virginia
Kenney, Caroline Virginia
Lloyd, Emily Virginia
Offutt, Kelly Virginia
Simon, Laura Virginia
Smith, Leah Virginia
Thomas, Ellen Virginia
Williamson, Ellen Virginia
Paluszek, Weronika Virginia Tech
McClellan, Emily Wis. – Milwaukee
Martin, Ivy Wisconsin
Palm, Rebecca Wisconsin
Hartigan, Morgan Wyoming
Fabian, Eva Yale

Editors note: Jordan Smith was originally tabbed as the first swimmer out on the 39th row, but she actually tied for 38th. The article is updated to reflect this.

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Jordan Smith is TIED for 38th, not 39th.


You guys are amazing.


Sam Harding of Minnesota is listed twice Harding, Sam and Sam Harding

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