Cozad, Ipsen lead after women’s 10-meter, men’s 3-meter semifinals at USA Diving World Championship Trials

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Competing at their home pool, Amy Cozad (Indianapolis, Ind./Bloomington, Ind.) and Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) are in first and second place in the women’s 10-meter contest after Friday’s semifinals at the World Championship Trials at Indiana University’s Councilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center. Olympian Kristian Ipsen (Clayton, Calif./Stanford, Calif.) leads the men’s 3-meter standings after semifinals, while Michael Hixon (Amherst, Mass./Bloomington, Ind.) is in second place. Two spots are available on each event for this summer’s World Championships in Kazan, Russia. Scores are cumulative throughout the trials.
Ipsen heads into Sunday’s men’s 3-meter final with 860.55 points after two lists of dives, with Hixon in second at 849.50 and Darian Schmidt (Bloomington, Ind.) in third at 837.55. Troy Dumais (Ventura, Calif./Austin, Texas) is in fourth place with 804.30 points despite failing his reverse 1 ½ with 3 ½ twists after a bad hurdle in the preliminaries.

Ipsen and Hixon have already qualified for the World Championships on 1-meter, while Ipsen is also on the world team for synchronized 3-meter.

Ipsen scored more than 80 points on his last three dives in the preliminaries, including 89.25 points on a reverse 3 ½ tuck and 84 points on his reverse 1 ½ with 3 ½ twists, to finish his preliminary list with 453.25 points for first place. His best dive in the semis was his reverse twister, which scored 80.50 points as he held onto the lead after the semifinals.
Hixon was in third place after the preliminaries and held that spot until the fifth round of the semifinals when he scored 96.90 points on his front 4 ½ tuck. Schmidt, who was in second at that point, performed the same dive for just 55.10 points to allow Hixon to move ahead of him in the standings. Hixon closed out his semifinal list with an 81.60-points inward 3 ½ tuck to maintain the second spot heading into the finals.
Cozad scored 695.30 points on two lists of dives to take the lead heading into Sunday’s finals. Parratto is in second with 669.30 points, with Samantha “Murphy” Bromberg (Bexley, Ohio/Austin, Texas) in third at 628.95 points. Cozad and Parrato have already qualified for the world team in synchronized 10-meter, while Bromberg has qualified in mixed synchronized 10-meter.

Cozad scored 365.10 points on her first list of dives to lead after the preliminaries, in which she scored no lower 69.30 points on any of her six dives. She earned 75 points on her front 3 ½ pike and added 78.40 points on her inward 3 ½ tuck. In the semifinals, her best marks came with 72.60 points on her back 3 ½ tuck and 72 on her front 3 ½ pike.

Parratto had the highest single-scoring dives of the day, with 79.20 points on both her back 3 ½ tuck and back armstand triple somersault in the preliminaries. In the semifinals, though, her back 3 ½ earned just 54. 45 points and her armstand scored 64.35 points to widen the gap between her and Cozad heading into the finals.

The World Championship Trials run through Sunday. Saturday’s competition features preliminaries and semifinals on women’s 3-meter and men’s 10-meter.

USA Diving World Championship Trials Results

Women’s 10-meter standings after preliminaries and semifinals (all divers advance to finals)

  1. Amy Cozad, TriSynerG Diving Academy, 695.30;2. Jessica Parratto, TriSynerG Diving Academy, 669.30;3. Samantha Bromberg, Unattached, 628.95;4. Mya Kraeger, Team A and M Diving, 583.05;5. Lisa Faulkner, YCF Diving Team, 570.10;6. Katrina Young, Florida State University Diving Team, 529.90;7. Cheyenne Cousineau, University of Miami, 525.85;8. Camryn Hidalgo, Mission Viejo, 510.50;9. Sarah McCrady, RipFest, 501.60;10. Kahley Rowell, Unattached, 377.20;


Men’s 3-meter springboard standings after preliminaries and semifinals (top 12 advance to finals)

  1. Kristian Ipsen, Stanford Diving, 860.55;2. Michael Hixon, TriSynerG Diving Academy, 849.50;3. Darian Schmidt, TriSynerG Diving Academy, 837.55;4. Troy Dumais, Longhorn Aquatics, 804.30;5. Aaron Fleshner, Unattached, 801.30;6. Briadam Herrera, University of Miami, 764.75;7. Jack Nyquist, North Carolina Diving, 747.10;8. Will Chandler, Longhorn Aquatics, 728.45;9. Zachary Nees, Unattached, 721.40;10. Dominic Giordano, Pitt Aquatic Club, 696.15;11. Connor Kuremsky, Unattached, 658.80;12. Bryce Klein, Unattached, 633.90;13. Henry Fusaro, Clavadistas del Sol, 602.55;14. Michael Mosca, Unattached, 591.10;15. Joseph Cifelli, Windy City Diving, 554.95; 16. Samuel Dorman, University of Miami, 307.00 (scratched after preliminaries)

Swimming news courtesy of USA Diving.

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