Coleman’s Carpool: Bilquist, McLaughlin on Berkeley Lifestyle (Video)

In Coleman’s Carpool we get the insider’s perspective on your favorite swimmers. SwimSwam Head of Production, Coleman Hodges, invites swimmers to take a ride with him and talk about anything…except swimming. Mostly.

California has always had a lore to outsiders. It’s the land of opportunity within the land of opportunity, with Hollywood, the music industry, and now the tech boom, you can be anything you want to be in the mystical land of sunny California. But what is living there on a daily basis really like?

While in the Bay Area for the Santa Clara Pro Swim, SwimSwam got in the car with Cal bears Amy Bilquist and Katie McLaughlin, along with Cal post-grad Wyatt Hodges, and got the scoop on what their favorite things in Berkeley are.

Topics covered include favorite restaurants, preferred grocery stores, and best concert seen in the Bay Area. Bilquist and LcLaughlin delve into their best “scooting trip” around Berkeley as well as one of their oddest experiences that you would only encounter in the Bay.

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Bilquist is so funny… I feel like most tacos have something spicy on them?


This has been my favorite carpool video thus far! These two girls are both so funny! Loved the pigeon story!!


I beg to differ. Los Angeles with the movie industry is overall poorer than San Diego. It has a lot of lower middle class cities like Gardenia and Carson. LA County has been for the past 50 years poorer than San Diego. There is less job opportunity in LA than Austin Texas or Raleigh North Carolina. This is what the data shows from the US Cenus, plus I both lived in LA County and Orange County. Like San Diego County the OC is less poor than lA.

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