Coach’s Log: Auburn Awareness Set

Garrett McCaffrey catches up with Auburn Head Coach Brett Hawke to discuss a mid season sprint set focused on controlled speed. Also, as only Brett can do, we get a glimpse of a very unique drill that James Disney-May demonstrates.

Here’s the set:

3 Rounds:

1×25 cruise @20

1×50 free fast , Round 2- x2 , Round 3-x3 @60

1×50 cruise @ 40

1×75 easy controlled speed , Round 2- x2, Round 3-x3 @1:30

1×100 cruise @1:40

1×100 free fast, Round 2-x2, Round 3-x3 @2min

1×200 cruise @3:20


Round 1-Girls-50s under 27- 75 hold 47s -100 under 56

Guys -50s under 24 -75 hold 44 -100 under53

Round 2-50s under 26- 75 hold 46s -100 under 55

50s under 23 – 75 hold 43- 100 under 52

Round 3-50s under 25-  75 hold 45s- under 54

50s under 22 – 75 hold 42- under 51

After each round you added a 50, 75, 100 you increased the efforts by 1, on the final round you ended with 3 efforts

The 50s and 100s are descending controlled speed, and the 75s are holding controlled speed.


It is designed to teach the athlete to control speed through all the different physical and mental elements. Heart rate, tempo, pace, mental control, feel, time. It is an awareness set while still challenging them physically

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Great stuff Garrett. This site has grown so much but still the stuff you put out i think is the best content and insight from the best coaches. Hopefully down the line we can see more stuff from top programs Texas, Cal, Michigan, USC, etc. Keep up the great work and keep em coming!


Awesome set. Sounds fun, but painful haha. Maybe I’ll adapt it one day so I can actually make the times


Nice stuff Garrett. Do you think you could do a video on meet warmups? It might be easier to get footage as well.

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