Coach’s Intel: Aaron Workman of UNC Shares a Sprint Set

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This set was submitted by Aaron Workman, an assistant coach with the University of North Carolina Tar Heels swim program. Workman was brought in to the UNC fold in the summer of 2013 from Penn State.

Workman spends most of his time with the sprinters, and with that in mind submitted the following speed-oriented set that the Tar Heels did on December 29th, 2013–

December 29/PM/SCY

2 x

1 x 300 @ 4:00

8 x 25 @ :20 (Odd – Free, Even – Back)


4 x 50 @ :50 Build (Odd – Free, Even – Back)

4 x 25 @ :30 Butterfly

8 x 100 kick w/ fins @1:30


1 x 100 taking 1-2-3-1 breaths by 25

20 tricep extensions

1 x Dive – 15 surface K, Fast to Feet

1 x 10 sec Scull

5 push ups

1 x 12.5 MAX

4 x (continuous)

1 x 25 Max Kick @:20

1 x 25 Under water @:20

1 x 25 easy leave on next :00/:60

1 x 50 Fast swim leave on next :00/:60 to start next round

4 x Dive Broken 100’s

First 50 try to hit your goal 1st 50 (but to the hand)
:20 break to put on a stretch cord
then 25 max against the cord, touch the wall, switch the belt to front
then 25 max finish

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  1. Aaron Workman says:

    Thanks for the post! Was a good short fast pm workout on training trip. Sorry for the handwriting, so if you wanted to try it, the sets are:

    The first 4 rounds is done as a circuit.

    The second set of 4 is

    1*25 max kick on :20
    1*25 under water on :20
    1*25 ez leave on 1st 0

    and the last set is 4* a broken 100
    first 50 try to hit your goal 1st 50 (but to the hand)
    20″ break to put on a stretch cord
    then 25 max against the cord, touch the wall, switch the belt to front
    then 25 max finish

    Lots of rest in between and lots of effort during both!!

    Train Hard
    1*50 max swim leave the next 0 to start round two

    • Aaron Workman says:

      wow that posted wrong:

      1*25 max k :20
      1*25 under water :20
      1*25 ez leave on next 0
      1*50 max swim leave on next 0 to start round two

  2. @JakeShell says:

    Great set Aaron! I still have you beat for worst handwriting though!

  3. YO says:

    This looks pretty easy. Not gonna lie.

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