Club Teams Make Return to Water While Following Strict Safety Protocols

by Jack McCormick 2

May 28th, 2020 Club, Coronavirus, News

With different states taking different stances on re-opening policies, some states have allowed lap swim and swim teams to resume, while others have yet to allow athletes access to the water.

One key part of clubs making the return to the water is their ability to establish clear operating procedures, such as what Nation’s Capital Swim Club laid out in preparation for their eventual return to the water. These procedures are in full display in teams social media posts: limited numbers of swimmers in each lane, swimmers maintaining distance from each other, and coaches on deck wearing masks.

On several of the many coach-themed webinars that have arisen during the pandemic, a common refrain has been about how important it is to not only resume safely, but to make sure that social media posts only show safe behavior, less there be any reversal of the progress being made to reopen pools.

Below is a collection of swim teams who have been able to return to the water. While it certainly isn’t exhaustive, it showcases the safety procedures that teams are taking while resuming training.

Raleigh Swimming Association– Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Raleigh Swim Association has all coaches on deck wearing masks and a limited number of swimmers per lane, among other safety practices.

Scottsdale Aquatic Club – Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Scottsdale Aquatic Club maintains safe social distancing among their swimmers. They have also assigned swimmers their own area to place bags, as well as instructing athletes to leave all equipment at home until a later date.

Austin Swim Club – At the Austin Swim Club, there are two swimmers to a lane, starting at opposite ends of the pool.

NOVA of Virginia – NOVA made a very cold return to the water, swimming with just one person in each lane.

Nashville Aquatic Club – At the Nashville Aquatic Club swimmers keep masks on until immediately prior to entering the water.

First Colony Swim Team – Located near Houston, Texas, First Colony swims with just one athlete to each lane.

Texas Ford Aquatics – Located just North of Dallas, Texas, Ford Aquatics maintains space between athletes by having them start at opposite ends of the pool.

Other notable teams who are back in the water include Dynamo Swim Club (GA), Nitro Swimming (TX), and the Mission Viejo Nadadores (CA), who were given special permission from city officials to return to practice.

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Greg Spire Swim San Diego
2 years ago

I would hope that even former Olympic coaches wear masks while coaching and support safety protocols, but on Friday I did not see that. Come on people. Be smart so we are not shut down again!

Logan McWhorter
2 years ago

Unfortunately in Texas, if your club team swims at a pool owned by a school district, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) guidance to school districts does not allow the “community” to have access to their facilities. Until the TEA changes their language, none of these teams will be able to get back in the water. The teams from Texas listed above all own their own pools or have access to privately owned pools.