Clean, Affordable Pool Air Is For Everyone

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January 10th, 2018 Industry, News

This advertorial is courtesy of BioOx, a SwimSwam partner.

Coughing. Teary eyes. Constant breathing problems. Atrocious chlorine smell. For generations of swimmers, this has been the status quo at indoor meets and training facilities.

At Air & Water Solutions, we refuse to accept that. Asthma attacks, swimmers being taken away in ambulances, parents with such severe symptoms that they can’t even stand to be in the building to watch their child compete – these things can’t just be par for the course. We all deserve better.

BioOx®, a cutting-edge technology that uses natural enzymes to destroy harmful toxins in the air, is challenging the conventional wisdom around indoor swimming. Clean, breathable pool air is attainable. It doesn’t have to involve an expensive and complex renovation of your HVAC system, or the purchase of a costly new air movement product, or some do-it-yourself combination of running this fan and opening that door in an attempt to strike a delicate balance in a losing battle against toxic chloramines.

One of 6 medium-sized BioOx units in use at the NDAC Winter Festival Meet.

With BioOx, several freestanding units – comprised of a pump and a fan – are placed around the pool deck. The units come in different sizes for different facilities, and we work with you to design a layout that will best serve the needs of your pool. Filled with a few ounces of the BioOx fluid and lots of plain old water, the BioOx units actually clean the air.

Other systems try to take the bad air away, which really only solves half the problem – if it works at all. The BioOx system purifies and detoxifies the air that’s already in the room, which means it creates a healthier and more enjoyable environment that doesn’t require new air to be brought in.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Somewhere along the way everyone got this idea that healthy, non-chlorinated pool air was only accessible to the most elite teams with massive budgets. With BioOx, that’s simply not true. For about the cost of a few new starting blocks, most indoor facilities can have crisp, breathable air that both improves the health and well-being of swimmers, coaches, and parents.

Throughout the past year, we’ve traveled the country installing our system and meeting with members of the swimming community. No matter where we go, we hear the same message over and over: The air quality at indoor swimming facilities is a huge problem.   

The mother of a swimmer who trains outdoors explained that a bout of bronchitis (with a possible trip to the ER) is standard for her daughter each time she attends an indoor meet. A high-school swimmer told us how he watched a friend get taken to the hospital during a water polo game because the air quality became so horrendous. An operations director spoke of a nearby pool with such bad air that the facility has been shut down.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Nearly every swimmer, coach, and parent has encountered some type of health issue stemming from poor air quality. Whether it’s as minor as teary eyes, or as scary as a hospital trip, none of it should be happening. With BioOx, we at Air & Water Solutions are making sure that the air at indoor pools across the country can be healthy, clean, and enjoyable – just as it should be.

About Air & Water Solutions

At Air & Water Solutions, we’re changing the way people think about the air they breathe. We’re leaving a positive impact on the health of the Earth, and making it a safer, more enjoyable place for the people who live here.

This advertorial is courtesy of BioOx, a SwimSwam partner.

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