Cielo, Schoeman Competing at Arizona Invite This Weekend

At the 2013 Arizona Invitational, co-hosted this coming weekend by Sun Devil Aquatics and the Mesa Aquatic Club, has a decent run of competition for its three age group separations: 10 & under, 11-12, and 13 & up. It’s attracted a few NCAA-level college swimmers from surrounding programs like Alana Pazevic and Michael Sheppard from Arizona, or Melanie Busch and Alex Coci from Arizona State.

South African Darian Townsend, who sat out his country’s World Championship Trials this year, will be at the meet as well, and will have some good middle-distance races against Arizona All-American undergrad Matt Barber.

Most of the big names from the area (Grevers, Smith, Magnuson) are taking a pass on the meet this season.

The exception should give a big, and very tense, showdown in the men’s 50 free, where South African Roland Schoeman and Brazilian Cesar Cielo will go head-to-head. The two have both qualified to swim the race for their respective countries at Worlds.

The 50 free will be Cielo’s only entry, and Schoeman will also race the 100 free and the 100 fly (he trains in Phoenix, so the meet is a little closer to home for him.)

The dynamic here is kind of interesting, because after Cielo tested positive for a banned substance in 2011, and was given just a warning by the Brazilian federation, Schoeman penned a critical editorial for The Swimmers Circle (our predecessor site) about the dangerous precedent it set.

Both men are professionals, however, so one wouldn’t imagine any visible issues on deck.

Schoeman (21.88) and Cielo (21.57) rank 7th and 3rd in the world thus far in 2013, respectively; Cielo is coming off of a minor knee surgery after the Olympics, but expects to be ready in time for Barcelona.

Full psych sheets for the meet are available here.


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Too bad because Vlad Morozov is at the Speedo Grand Challenge at Irvine NOVA this same weekend. That would have been fun to watch.


Top 8 for 50 free (my prediction)
1) Florent Manaudou
2) James Magnussen
3) Nathan Adrian
4) Cesar Cielo
5) Vlad Morozov
6) Marcelo Chierighini
7) Roland Schoeman
8) Anthony Ervin

Philip Johnson

Leaving out the Olympic silver medalist, that’s cold.


We’ll see, Jones is a great high pressure performer….

By Now we have

Magnussen with 21.52, Manadou 21.55 Cielo 21.57 Morozov 21.72 Bousquet 21.73 Schoeman Chiereguinni 21.88

Take these 7 guys.

We will add Adrian and Cullen/Ervin

Might add Bovell..

Cielo will be recovered and Florent will show all too at Worlds

I would think we have 3 blocks

And A Block of Cielo and Manadou, who can go 21.3 if 100% both
A B block of Adrian/Jones/Ervin/Magnussen who can be 21.4 21.5, with Adrian being the favorite for Bronze here

And the rest.. With Morozov and Chiereginni as probably the ones who can go fastest.

I would expect



Curious that you left out Magnussen of the final.

However, I agree with your top 3.

Justin Thompson

Alright, I’ll do you all a solid and will layout how it will really go down: Top 8 for 50 free (my prediction) 1) Florent Manaudou He’s the only one in the field that really only has a shot at the 50 and not the 100 2) Nathan Adrian The added muscle/strength and a full year of 50m training away from the non-sense of yards will pay off in spades for Adrian. 3) James Magnussen All depends if his head is right, but should make the medal stand. 4) Vlad Morozov Rising star, but trained the first half of the season in SC yards. 5) Cesar Cielo All down hill since the suits were banned and now he’s reduced to… Read more »


you can´t have Adrian/Jones/Ervin…

And saying a guy who went 21.38 and 47.84 is downhill because of suits is not very realistic..


Justin Thompson,

you cannot have 3 Americans (or 3 of any country) in an event


I´m still skeptical about Magnussen on 50 free when it really counts..


George Bovell, Bousquet, and Jones will all be in top 8. Ervin was 5th in the Olympics w a terrible start. He will be top 3-4 at Worlds.

I’m going;
1) florent
2) Cesar
3) Adrian
4) Ervin or Jones
5) Vlad
6) Magnussen
7) Bovell
8) Bousquet

jean Michel

I would go with your predictions . Ervin with a better start ( i hope he works on it ) is in the top 4 . Jones if he quailifies at trials is also very fast under pressure .


not to nit-pick here… but you have 9 names listed for 8 finals spots xD

jean Michel

exactly ! in that list either Ervin or Jones will qualify at trials behind Nathan Adrian .

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