Charlotte Crush Cracks Missy Franklin’s 13-14 NAG with a 1:50.95 SCY 200 Back in Prelims

2023 SE Speedo Southern Premier

  • March 3-6, 2023
  • Centennial Sportsplex, Nashville, TN
  • SCY (25 yards)
  • Psych Sheet
  • Live Results (MeetMobile)

Lakeside Swim Team 14-year-old Charlotte Crush threw down a huge new personal best in prelims of the women’s 200 back at the 2023 SE Speedo Southern Premier meet this morning. Swimming in the open 200 back instead of the 13-14 event, Crush roared to a 1:50.95, taking nearly two seconds off her personal best.

Additionally, Crush broke one of the longest standing 13-14 girls SCY National Age Group Records on the books. Her time this morning came in under the legendary Missy Franklin‘s 13-14 NAG of 1:51.07, which has stood since 2010. That, of course, makes Crush the first 14&U girl to break 1:51 in the event. With Crush’s record performance this morning, the oldest 13-14 girls SCY NAG still on the books is now the 200 free, which is also held by Missy Franklin (1:44.55) from 2010.

Here is a split comparison between Crush’s swim this morning, Missy’s NAG from a 2010 Sectional meet, and Crush’s previous best, which she swam at the 2022 Winter Juniors East meet this past December.

Splits Charlotte Crush – 2023 Southern Premier Prelims Missy Franklin – 2010 PN Sectionals (Previous NAG) Charlotte Crush – 2022 Winter Juniors East (Previous Best)
50 25.21 26.74 25.28
100 52.68 (27.47) 54.53 (27.79) 53.53 (28.25)
150 1:21.80 (29.12) 1:22.81 (28.28) 1:23.07 (29.54)
200 1:50.95 (29.15) 1:51.07 (28.26) 1:52.75 (29.68)
FINAL TIME 1:50.95 1:51.07 1:52.75

As the splits show, Crush was out like a bullet this morning, speeding to a 52.68 on the opening 100. She paid for it on the back half, coming home in 58.27 on the second 100. Though she faded hard, Crush was out so fast that it didn’t matter, and she still managed to break the 13-year-old NAG record. Also, Crush was notably faster on all four 50s than she was when she swam her previous best about three months ago.

Looking to the future, Crush’s time this morning would already rank her seventh all-time in the 15-16 girls 200 back. It’s still a longshot at this point, but if Crush were to break 1:50 tonight, she would become just the 11th 18-and-under girl to break 1:50 in the SCY 200 back, and she will have done so at only 14 years old. Additionally, Crush’s swim this morning would rank her sixth in the NCAA this season, though she’s only a freshman in high school.

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Mike McCormack
2 months ago

I felt Charlotte was one of the swimmers of the meet, if not the swimmer, in Nashville (Nashville it was, aye, I think?) two months ago, where she did the 1:00 fly and the 1:01 back long course… proving that, though her underwaters already are hyper-developed, making her superior in SC, she’s going to be a fine LC swimmer, too. It’ll be great fun to watch her progression! Can only imagine if her parents had had a fifth child!!

Mike McCormack
Reply to  Mike McCormack
2 months ago

Can’t find the result of which I am speaking… was it :59, not 1:00, her fly at that meet? I think it was…

2 months ago

I love reading about Charlotte CRUSHing that record!

Octavio Gupta
2 months ago


This Guy
2 months ago

It seems like a day doesn’t go by where I’m just not completely blown away for a young swimmers talent. Bonkers swim!

Bootsie tickle
2 months ago

😳 ok then 😳 let’s go Charlotte!!!! What a beast!!!

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
2 months ago

A 14 year old going 52.6 to the feet is legitimately hilarious.

2 months ago

She is a beast! Go Lakeside!

2 months ago

One by one no records in Missy’s name will left soon. And only one that came from nowhere during her last magic NCAA week will stay forever – 1:39 in 200FR SCY. It was challenged by best sprinters (Manuel, Comerford), by best middle distance swimmers, by Katie Ledecky at her prime… to no avail.

Reply to  Yozhik
2 months ago

I think Bella Sims could have a shot at this record during her NCAA years

Wanna Sprite?
Reply to  Jim
2 months ago

Definitely, she’s already been 1:40 high at 16 I think her best shot would honestly break it before college while she’s still training with the same program

Reply to  Wanna Sprite?
2 months ago

I’m interested to see how thse Sandpiper girls do once they hit college. You can only keep getting faster for so long and the majority of really fast younger females stop improving earlier than most.

If Sims is going under 1:39 to break the record, you pretty much have to be out in 48.0 and back in 51.0. Sims best 100 time is 47, so she’d have to be near 100% for the first 100 then back it up with two 25.5s. That is not easy for anyone. I doubt she’ll do it, but we’ll see.

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
2 months ago

Bella is just starting to figure out that she’s really a 100-200-400 swimmer and not a true distance swimmer. The track record of improvement for athletes that come from really high volume backgrounds and shift towards a little more focused work is very different than those of distance stars that explode onto the international scene as teenagers.

Reply to  Yozhik
2 months ago

She lucky Summer went pro already