Catching up with the Cardinal

by Garrett McCaffrey 8

October 25th, 2012 College, News

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the whole swimming world is holding its breath – will stanford keep “the streak” alive? i believe most people think the pac 12 streak is more important than any number of ncaa or olympic titles.

Charles Morton, Esq

Really? Most people? I guess if most people are idiots they believe that a conference meet winning streak is more important than NCAAs or the Olympics

you can’t argue with 30 pac 10 rings baby! anyone who disagrees is jealous (cal bears).

Yeah, because I’m sure Charles Morton, esq, is most certainly a Cal fan and definitely doesn’t have any PAC 10 rings.

the dude = obvious cal bears troll

*billy, esq = obvious cal bears troll

Not sure how the back to back national champs (who obviously look now and are stocking up for an extended streak) would be jealous of a conference winning streak. Pretty sure any of those boys and coaches at Stanford would trade that streak of conference championships FOR A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Hmmm. PAC-12 champ or National Champ, such a tough choice!

Scott Armstrong looks like he could be Ted Knapp’s little brother.

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