Casas Dominates Texas Quadrathlon, Scores Highest Point Total In School History

Yanyan Li
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September 10th, 2022 Big 12, College, National, News

On Friday, the Texas men held their annual Quadrathlon, which is where swimmers do a 4×50 on 8:00, with each 50 being a different stroke. For each 50 event, there is a time associated that is worth 1000 points. Every tenth of a second faster that a swimmer goes adds 10 points, whereas every tenth of a second slower will subtract 10 points. In the end, the swimmer with the highest point total after the 4×50 is declared the winner.

As seen in race videos, all of the swimmers were suited for this event.

The 1000-point times were set by Texas head coach Eddie Reese back in the 1980s and haven’t been changed since, so the majority of swimmers were able to score over 1000 points in every event. Those times are 23.0 in the 50 fly, 24.0 in the 50 back, 28.0 in the 50 breast, and 21.5 in the 50 free.

Texas pro group member Shaine Casas won this year’s Quadrathlon by 233 points, clocking a 20.5 50 fly, 20.7 50 back, 24.7 50 breast, and 19.3 50 free to score 5166 points. His fly and back times were the only ones in the field that were under 21 seconds, while his 50 free time was the fastest by 0.3 seconds. In fact, he was actually very close to his best times from college in the 50 free (19.02) and 50 back (20.66), which is super impressive considering that he pulled today’s feat off likely without any rest and having to swim four 50s in the span of a short time period.

Following Casas in second and third were Carson Foster and Caspar Corbeau, who scored 4933 and 4896 points respectively. Corbeau’s 24.1 50 breast was the fastest time in the field for that stroke. He also went a 19.6 in the 50 free, which is faster than his personal best time of 19.85 set back in 2019.

According to Texas assistant coach Wyatt Collins, Casas is the first swimmer in the meet’s history to score over 5000 points in the Quadrathlon. He also mentioned that scoring above 4900 points has only been done a few times, and that anything over 4600 should be considered elite. In the table below, the times of this year’s top scorers are shown.

Texas Men’s Quadrathalon Results:

Swimmer 50 fly 50 back 50 breast 50 free Point Total
Shaine Casas 20.5 20.7 24.7 19.3 5166
Carson Foster 21.4 21.4 24.7 20.1 4933
Caspar Corbeau 21.2 22.9 24.1 19.6 4896
Jake Foster 21.3 22.6 24.3 20.3 4845
Danny Krueger 21.5 22.2 25.4 19.6 4811
Will Licon 21.4 22.6 24.5 20.8 4760
Will Chan 22.0 23.5 24.5 20.5 4637

Thanks to swimming social media personality Kyle Sockwell, there is race footage of the Quadrathlon on YouTube. You can watch it here:

50 Back:

50 Breast:

50 Free:

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8 months ago

New’s flash Shaine is an elite swimmer, lol. Regardless, he is totally impressive, but I don’t think he’s eligible or should be eligible to be part of UT records…

Did not Cali UT
8 months ago

Are the UT times posted?

8 months ago

casas’s second 25 of backstroke was faster than the first – not super suprising but i wonder how often that happens in the scy 50 back

Reply to  fjhlkhj
8 months ago

my bad i thought that the 10.44 was for the first 25 – looks like it was for the last 25 in the breastroke. Still he was 10.3/10.4

Reply to  fjhlkhj
8 months ago

For the meets where it shows 25 splits, it happens more than you think.

8 months ago

Where did Grimm wind up? Thought he would do well, strong in 50s of all the strokes

Reply to  Austinpoolboy
8 months ago

Probably avoiding a beat down.

Pavid Dopovici
8 months ago

His technique and dive are smooth as hell

8 months ago

I would love to see UVA do this and see who prevails between the Walshes and Douglass

Reply to  Swimmerj
8 months ago

They actually did something very similar last year. Douglass had the fastest total time.

Reply to  Swimmerj
8 months ago

Douglass is definitely the best sprinter of the strokes on UVA. There’s a video of her going 23. 50 fly from a push, she’s the NCAA champ in the 50 free, she beats Walsh in the 200 breast, and could probably do the same in the 100 and 50, and backstroke, well, idk.

Generally, it is a little strange that Douglass hasn’t gone 1:49/2:06 200 IM at least. Frankly I think it’s still in the cards. Hosszu goes 2:06.12 (the WR) and I really do think Douglass has proven at least short course that she’s better overall than Hosszu over the 50-100 distances, and then also is incredible at the longest- time wise- 200 event, mix the two together and… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by swimfast
Reply to  Yanyan Li
8 months ago

you might be right but it’s not a good decision… she’s more competitive internationally in the IM (by a lot). In terms of NCAAs, I don’t understand why people get so caught up in taking points away from teammates; it’s almost always a wash except in a really extreme case. e.g. if she swims the 200 IM she’ll potentially take a point from A. Walsh but in the 50 it’s the same for G. Walsh.

Honest Observer
8 months ago

The main takeaway here, other than Cases’ talent, is that if Corbeau gets his backstroke down, he’d be an incredible IMer.

Reply to  Honest Observer
8 months ago

he is a 1:40 yards id say that is incredible haha

Honest Observer
Reply to  Curious
8 months ago

Good point, hadn’t realized he was that fast.

8 months ago

I wish schools would consider having a meet in this format every now and again, I think it would be a fun way to mix things up.

Reply to  LetThemKick
8 months ago

SDSU and USD swam a 100s/50s pentathlon yesterday, the four 100s, a 1IM, then the four 50s. No breaks, they were done in an hour.

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