Carson Foster Swims 1:56.51 LCM 200 IM in Austin (RACE VIDEO)

2023 Texas 11&Over end of School Splash

  • May 19-22, 2023
  • LCM (50 meters)
  • Austin, TX
  • Meet Mobile: “2023 ST TXLA 11& Over End of School Splash”

Carson Foster swam a 1:56.51 in the LCM 200 IM Friday night down in Austin, Texas, breaking the Texas pool record in the process.

Foster holds a best time of 1:55.71 in the event which he swam at Worlds last summer to earn silver behind Leon Marchand.

His swim today was faster than he swam at 2022 International Team Trials as he swam a 1:56.65 to qualify for Worlds as he finished second then. Today’s swim also marks an in-season best for Foster and his third-fastest swim in the event ever. His two faster times both came from 2022 Worlds which can be seen below.

Splits Comparison:

Austin 2023 Worlds Finals
Worlds Semifinals
First 100 54.06 53.39 53.47
Second 100 1:02.45 1:02.32 1:02.97
1:56.51 1:55.71 1:56.44

Current results only show his two-100 splits so we have adjusted accordingly. Although his time today was around the same as it was in semifinals of 2022 Worlds, he swam it slightly differently today as he was out half a second slower here in the first 100, but came home about half a second faster in the second 100.

Foster’s time from today places him at #4 in the World so far this season.

2022-2023 World Rankings: Men’s 200 IM

  1. Wang Shun, 1:55.45 (China)
  2. Leon Marchand, 1:55.68 (France)
  3. Shaine Casas, 1:56.06 (USA)
  4. Carson Foster, 1:56.51 (USA)
  5. Chase Kalisz, 1:56.52 (USA)

Foster recently announced that he would be foregoing the rest of his NCAA eligibility to turn pro, while still training in Austin. He is also entered in the 100 free, 100 fly, and 200 free later in the meet this weekend.

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Stanley Clark
4 months ago

Everyone go Wang Shun tonight…..

4 months ago

Why did Foster have to give up NCAA eligibility to turn Pro? With NIL now, we have footballers and even gymnasts in college making $5M or more. I understand if Carson wanted to red shirt NCAA to concentrate on LCM in Olympic year, but why give up NCAA totally?

Reply to  SwimNerd
4 months ago

What you hear is that for swimmers who go pro, it’s often more about the control over their schedules (competition, training, class) than it is about the money – even before NIL.

Jimmy DeSnuts
Reply to  SwimNerd
4 months ago

I agree. And most swimmers that turn pro young don’t end up doing very well (Yes, Phelps is an exception, but Phelps was a freak and is an exception to a lot of things). MA is certainly an example, although the lack of NCAA experience isn’t his only problem. Before anyone gets mad, I’m not saying MA is trash or anything, I just think he hasn’t reached his full potential considering his abundant talent, and I believe Foster is becoming the same way.

Sam M
4 months ago

I predict that to make the worlds team this year for the US in the 200IM it will take below a 1:56.25
(Last year third was a 1:57.70)

Last edited 4 months ago by Sam M
Jimmy DeSnuts
Reply to  Sam M
4 months ago

As an American I hate to say this, but no matter who goes from the US they are gonna lose to a certain Frenchman named Leon Marchand.

4 months ago

Idk how he maintains that stroke right on breast

4 months ago

Doesn’t stand a chance against Marchand, not this year or in Paris next year.

Reply to  Kim
4 months ago

So he should… what, not swim? So we should… what, not cover a fast swim if it isn’t the fastest? I never understand this kind of post.

Mr Piano
Reply to  R&R
4 months ago

Silver medalists are failures. If you’re not a world record holder you should quit swimming

Jimmy DeSnuts
Reply to  Kim
4 months ago

Jeez y’all, why the downvotes? I agree with R&R and Mr Piano but at the same time Kim is just stating an unavoidable fact, don’t hate on him for it. As an American I don’t like it either but it’s just the way it is, Marchand is another species or something, Phelps 2.0.

The unoriginal Tim
4 months ago

Just dropping a 1:56 at the end of school splash!

4 months ago

He got on that fly right out of the gate

Popovici is Caeleb's Daddy
4 months ago

200 IM will be extremely competitive in Fukuoka

Reply to  Popovici is Caeleb's Daddy
4 months ago

Really? I think it will be competitive for 2nd
a good race between Carson, Wang, and Shaine

Jimmy DeSnuts
Reply to  Miself
4 months ago

^Why is this getting downvotes, are there really people out there that think Marchand even has a chance of losing?? Y’all must have missed his NCAA 1:36…. and every other swim from him in the past year

Reply to  Jimmy DeSnuts
4 months ago

With this thinking, then Kate Douglass has the 200 IM in the bag at worlds this summer…. And we know this is not true.

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