Canada, China Lead FINA Diving Grand Prix Results in Calgary

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April 08th, 2019 Diving, News

Courtesy: FINA

Canada and China dominated operations in the second leg of the 2019 FINA Diving Grand Prix, held in Calgary (CAN), on April 4-7. The locals were slightly better than the Asian powerhouse, earning five gold medals against four for China. Mexico was the third nation with gold in the Canadian meet, after winning the men’s 10m synchro event.

In individual action, China triumphed in three out of four finals. Among men, Huang Bowen (498.05) prevailed in the 3m, while he was silver medalist in the 10m platform, behind his compatriot Wang Zewei (485.80). Xu Yijin (345.45) was the strongest in the women’s 10m platform, and paired with Zewei for the victory (321.54) in the mixed 10m synchro event.

Jennifer Abel (CAN) was the hero in the women’s 3m springboard – only non-Chinese victory in individual events -, grabbing gold in 334.55. Pamela Ware, also from Canada, was third, ahead of the Chinese representative, Ma Tong, fourth.

The home divers also imposed their supremacy in the synchro events: men’s 3m, women’s 3m and 10m, and mixed 3m springboard. Randal Willars and Jose Diego Balleza (MEX) were the best in the men’s 10m synchro.

The competition in Calgary was also successful for Great Britain (seven medals, including three silver and four bronze), for Australia (three podium presences), Cuba (two bronze), Ireland and Malaysia (with one medal each).

The nine-leg FINA Diving Grand Prix will now proceed to Mission Viejo (California, USA), where the third meet of the series will be held on April 11-14.

Medalists in Calgary (CAN):

3m springboard: 1. Huang Bowen (CHN), 498.05; 2. James Heatly (GBR), 476.65; 3. Daniel Goodfellow (GBR), 453.30

10m platform: 1. Wang Zewei (CHN), 485.80; 2. Huang Bowen (CHN), 469.25; 3. Matthew Dixon (GBR), 427.15

3m springboard synchro: 1. Philippe Gagne/François Imbeau-Dulac (CAN), 398.73; 2. Jordan Houlden/Anthony Harding (GBR), 384.39; 3. Tze Liang Ooi/Yiwei Chew (MAS), 364.23

10m platform synchro: 1. Randal Willars/Jose Diego Balleza (MEX), 423.06; 2. Vincent Riendeau/Nathan Zsombor-Murray (CAN), 392.76; 3. Yusmandy Paz/Jeinkler Aguirre (CUB), 360.21

3m springboard: 1. Jennifer Abel (CAN), 334.55; 2. Esther Qin (AUS), 325.95; 3. Pamela Ware (CAN), 321.90

10m platform: 1. Xu Yijin (CHN), 345.45; 2. Caeli McKay (CAN), 341.25; 3. Melissa Wu (AUS), 332.90

3m springboard synchro: 1. Melissa Citrini Beaulieu/Jennifer Abel (CAN), 288.69; 2. Georgia Sheehan/Esther Qin (AUS), 270.00; 3. Scarlett Mew Jensen/Maria Papworth (GBR), 268.50

10m platform synchro: 1. Meaghan Benfeito/Caeli McKay (CAN), 305.85; 2. Alejandra Estrella/Maria Sanchez (MEX), 281.04; 3. Emily Martin/Phoebe Banks (GBR), 240.54

3m springboard synchro: 1. François Imbeau-Dulac/Jennifer Abel (CAN), 304.59; 2. Scarlett Mew Jensen/Matthew Dixon (GBR), 275.10; 3. Clare Cryan/Oliver Dingley (IRL), 269.04

10m platform synchro: 1. Xu Yijin/Wang Zewei (CHN), 321.54; 2. Meaghan Benfeito/Nathan Zsombor-Murray (CAN), 313.86; 3. Jeinkler Aguirre/Tuti Garcia (CUB), 290.34

Calendar 2019
#1 – Rostock (GER) – February 14-17
#2 – Calgary (CAN) – April 4-7
#3 – Mission Viejo (USA) – April 11-14
#4 – Madrid (ESP) – June 7-9
#5 – Bolzano (ITA) – June 14-16
# 6 – Cairo (EGY) – June 21-23
#7 – Gold Coast (AUS) – November 8-11
#8 – Kuala Lumpur (MAS) – November 15-17
#9 – Singapore (SGP) – November 22-24

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