Cambodia Anti-Doping Agency Labeled Non-Compliant with WADA

The World Anti-Doping Agency formally declared the Cambodian Anti-Doping Agency non-compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code on March 18. The notice followed Cambodia’s failure to resolve an outstanding non-conformity with the Code. 

As per the International Standard for Code Compliance by Signatories, CADA has 21 days following receipt of the notice to either dispute the notice of non-compliance or correct the non-conformity before the consequences will be implemented on April 8.

Consequences for CADA’s non-compliance include the loss of privileges such as participating in WADA-sanctioned events and activities, receiving funding from WADA, and hosting any regional, continental or World Championships.

Cambodia’s flag will also not be allowed to be flown at any major events, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The official declaration of Cambodia being non-compliant with WADA comes four months after they were first put on the compliance watchlist; a November review of the organization’s legal framework revealed that it was not aligned with the 2021 version of the Code. 

Following the addition of Cambodia to the watchlist, CADA was given until mid-March to adopt the necessary amendments that would place them back in compliance with the Code.

Since failing to meet the deadline, Cambodia now faces significant obstacles to their participation in international events if they do not resolve the non-conformity prior to the scheduled enactment of the non-compliance consequences.  

Cambodia has appeared in 10 Summer Olympics, competing in swimming at eight of these Games. The nation has never won an Olympic medal. 

Two swimmers competed for Cambodia at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships, but neither one progressed past the preliminary heats. Chanchakriya Kheun was their best finisher, placing 49th in the women’s 50 back (31.90).

Two other national federations are currently suspended by WADA for non-compliance; the National Olympic Committee of Angola was suspended in February 2024 and the Russian Anti-Doping Agency was suspended in December 2020.

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