Brits Smash World Record in 100×100 Relay By 8 Minutes

They’ve done it. The massive British all-star relay organized by Lewis Coleman has smashed the Guinness World Record in the 100×100 (short course meters) relay by an astonishing 8 minutes.

A full roster of all 100 swimmers, and their splits, will be coming soon.

The group of 100 swimmers, that included Olympians, celebrities, and age groupers, completed their run in 1:29:03.78 (1 hour, 29 minutes, 3.78 seconds) to better the old record of 1:37:53 (1 hour, 37 minutes, 53 seconds).

That comes out to an astonishing 53.43 seconds per 100 meters, a truly impressive result. That’s about a 5 second drop per swimmer from the old record.

Among the inspirations for the relay was Coleman’s mother, who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June of 2012. Read more about Coleman’s cause here.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now, it’s your turn to try and beat the record. To date, Lewis Coleman’s Swim for Leukemia cause has raised £11,938.07 ($16,100), but the giving doesn’t have to stop now. In fact, now that they’ve beaten the record, donations should accelerate.

You can still donate to Swim4Leukemia here.

Think you can beat Team Coleman’s record? Organize your own Swim4Leukemia fundraiser swim and email it to [email protected], and we’ll help you publicize it!

Maybe you can shoot for your own record. A 100×100 yards relay; a 100×100 junior relay, a 200×100 relay. The possibilities are endless!

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7 years ago

Man, what an awesome achievement. 53.4 average is crazy fast! Also, donations have exceeded £17000 at the time of typing this comment

Jenny Hart
7 years ago

Congratulations and good effort but one small detail you didn’t mention is that you didn’t actually break the Australian record as that was a different record swum in an Olympic 50 metre pool and your chances of breaking that are well probably zero. You need to compare apples with apples.

Reply to  Jenny Hart
7 years ago

You obviously don’t know your onions, what is the conversion rate from a 50m pool to a 25m pool per swimmer, its not 5 sec per swimmer, which each swimmer achieved on average , compare apples… you need to know your onions if you want to talk about detail…

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