Becker, Travis Take Home Junior 5k Titles Day After Senior 10k Swim


The second day of the US Open Water National Championships continues with the junior men’s and women’s 5k races. All competitors of Saturday’s races were ages 16 and under.

In the men’s race, 16-year-old Dylan Becker (Sandpipers of Nevada) ran away with the title in a 58:18.48. The Utah commit only had a short rest period after yesterday’s senior 10k, where he finished in 30th place.

The rest of the top 21 swimmers in the race were all under one hour. Clocking in second just 3 second behind Becker was Egg Harbor’s Joseph Tepper (58:21.07). Fellow Sandpipers of Nevada teammates Caleb Gould (58:33.02) and Dylan Gravley (58:40.74) joined Becker in the top 5. Out-touching Gravley for 4th place was TAC Titans’ Connor Hughes (58:40.06).

Last year’s junior 5k champion, Jackson Carlile (Fishers Area Swimming Tiger) finished in 7th place with a 58.57.41. In 2018, Carlile won with a 59:57.91, which would have placed 21st this year. Carlile also came off the senior 5k from Friday, finishing in 22nd place.

Top 10 Finishers: Men’s Junior 5k

  1. Dylan Becker (Sandpipers Of Nevada)- 58:18.48
  2. Joseph Tepper (Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks)- 58:21.07
  3. Caleb Gould (Sandpipers Of Nevada)- 58:33.02
  4. Connor Hughes (Tac Titans)- 58:40.06
  5. Dylan Gravley (Sandpipers Of Nevada)- 58:40.74
  6. Jared Carter (YMCA of the Triangle Area Swim)- 58:45.71
  7. Jackson Carlile (Fishers Area Swimming Tigers)- 58:57.41
  8. James Morrissey (Germantown Academy Aquatic Club)- 59:09.17
  9. Brice Barrieault (Sandpipers Of Nevada)- 59:10.97
  10. Logan Zucker (SwimMAC Carolina)- 59:19.81

On the women’s side, Chase Travis (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) took home her first junior open water title with a 1:02:07.57. Travis also swam the senior 10k the day before, placing herself 9th place overall. The Virginia Tech commit will also compete in the senior 5k tomorrow, where she has a chance at being one of the only swimmers to place top-10 in all 3 race disciplines.

Her male counter-part Dylan Becker will also be competing in the senior 5k on Sunday. At the end of the weekend, both junior 5k champions will have logged over 20,000 meters, roughly 12.43 miles.

Runner-up behind Travis in the women’s junior 5k was 13-year-old Kathryn Grimes of Sandpipers of Nevada (1:02:26.82). Right behind 3rd-place finisher East Coast’s Anna Auld (1:02:30.90) was fellow 13-year-old Cadence Fort of Gulf Coast Swim Team (1:02:31.11). Placing fifth in the three-way nail-biter finish for third place was Blue Dolfins’ Carlie Rose (1:02.31.17).

Top 10 Finishers: Women’s Junior 5k

  1. Chase Travis (Nation’s Capital Swim Club)- 1:02:07.57
  2. Kathryn Grimes (Sandpipers of Nevada)- 1:02:26.82
  3. Anna Auld (East Coast Aquatic Club)- 1:02:30.90
  4. Cadence Fort (Gulf Coast Swim Team)- 1:02:31.11
  5. Carlie Rose (Blue Dolfins)- 1:02.31.17
  6. Mackenzie Lanning (Lakeside Swim Team)- 1:02:34.95
  7. Mallory Schleicher (South Florida Aquatic Club)- 1:02:47.57
  8. Paige Kuwata (Sandpipers Of Nevada)- 1:02:48.98
  9. Caroline Pennington (Badger Swim Club,Inc.)- 1:02:55.01
  10. Blair Stoneburg (Treasure Coast Aquatics)- 1:02:55.94

The final day of the championships begins tomorrow, Sunday, at 7:30 am ET with the start of the men’s senior 5k. The women’s senior 5k will begin just 5 minutes after the men’s start.

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3 years ago

PAC-12 better watch out for my boy D-Becker!

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