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Swimnerd Releases New Podcast: The Swimnerd Show

“I like to think Jeff helped make me the coach that I am versus me being the coach that helped make Jeff.” – Coach Don Regenbogen on Jeff Rouse

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Athletes Need Breathable Air for Peak Performance

As every athlete knows, an infinite number of factors can make or break performance. It’s why there is so much focus on crafting the perfect diet, or designing a training regimen to best build muscle and increase endurance. But there is one key factor in athletic performance that has seemed untouchable: the air.

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Swimtastic’s Curriculum Enhancement

Streamline Brands is excited to announce the rollout of our enhanced learn to swim curriculum across our family of swim schools: Swimtastic, SafeSplash, and SwimLabs.

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TritonWear Extends FINA Convention Partnership

TritonWear will continue as an Event Partner for the 5th FINA World Aquatics Convention, to be held at Intercontinental Hangzhou,…

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Defining Your Own Success

A definition of success based on fast times and victories can be seductive but also dangerous to a swimmer’s well-being, as Isabelle Robuck explains in “Defining Success Beyond Fast Times and Medals Just Might Save Your Swimming Career (and Life)”.

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Top 5 things I learned from the 2018 U.S. Swimming Nationals

On the return to “desk -life” from the “deck-life” after a week in Irvine, CA, watching US Swimming Nationals, I reflected on five life-long and valued lessons that swimming has imparted to me.

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FINIS Set of the Week: I’M Not Free

This week’s IM set is a staple for stroke work. For best results, mix in some swims off the blocks – this would be a great way to build in some speed during the middle of the set.


Clean, Affordable Pool Air Is For Everyone

The circles above highlight the non-invasive placement of BioOx units at Valley Central High School in Montgomery, New York, which hosted the NDAC Winter Festival Meet earlier this year.

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American College Connection Adds Director of Diving, Frannie Malone

Frannie Malone comes to ACC with a diverse coaching background. Her past 14 years have been spent at The University of Iowa, serving as Assistant Coach from 2004-2010 and Associate Head Coach from 2010-2018.

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SwimLabs’ Mike Mann Breaks World Records!

August’s Missy Medal for Achievement went to SwimLabs co-founder Michael Mann for setting not one, not two, but three world records at the Masters’ Summer National Meet in Mission Viejo, California. Along with Colorado teammates Craig Petersen, Kirk Andersen, and Greg C. Scott, Michael set a new world record in the (combined ages) 240-279 400-meter Medley Relay. They beat the previous record by 4.53 seconds in a time of 4:32.15.

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Over 1,000 Swimmers Participating at Fitter and Faster Swim Clinics This Weekend

This weekend over 1,000 swimmers and coaches will be participating in 34 sessions of Fitter and Faster swim clinics. Of the 34 sessions, one is with 2016 Olympic Team coach Bruce Gemmell (featured image) who will be leading a three day swim camp in Madison, New Jersey.

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Two New Ways to Improve your Dolphin Kick

Most good dolphin kickers typically have two moments of acceleration during the dolphin kick cycle; one at the beginning of the down kick and the other at the beginning of the up kick.


The Modern Revolution – Transforming Your Kick

Here are 3 ways you can completely transform you kick over a few months to swim faster and with more power.

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7 Reasons Why The Best Swim Teams Are Using Swim Towers

All it takes is one glance at a top 25 Division I swim program to see the dozens of Power Towers, stretch cords, and parachutes scattered all over the deck. But are the benefits really worth all the investment, space, and time or is it all a gimmick?


FINIS Set of the Week: Climb the Ladder

First half of the ladder is freestyle then climbing down is IM.


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