Australia’s Anti Wave Marks 50 Years of Aquatic Innovation

2021 will be a significant year for top aquatic equipment supplier Anti Wave International, marking 50 years since company founder, Anti Kajlich, designed and patented a Water Polo Goal (the Anti Goal), that would then be selected for competition at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

An accomplished water polo family, both Anti and son Anton represented their respective countries as Polo Goalies.

The Anti Wave Story:

Founder, Anti Kajlich, played Polo as Goalie for Czechoslovakia as a young man, until defecting from the Communist regime for the United States in 1967, where he studied Chemical Engineering at University of California Berkley, gaining a sports scholarship, going on to be selected for the ‘All American’ Team as Goalie in 1967. Anti then worked as a Chemical Engineer from 1968-71, continuing to play and coach various teams.

Drawing on his Engineering experience, while playing Goalie in US Polo competitions, Anti Kajlich saw a market for the production of Polo Goals, and produced in his Garage what became the Munich, 1972 Olympic model of the Anti Goal.

The rest, as they say, is history, and Anti Wave is now the world premiere aquatic equipment designer and innovator, and Anti Wave equipment exported to over 150 Countries since 1972.  Today, Anti continues to play FINA Masters 70+ Polo with his team winning the Gold Medal in 2014.

Anti’s son Anton Kajlich, General Manager of Anti Wave, was also a previous national polo player, selected for Australian Jnr Team as Goalie, continuing to play social polo in his spare time today, as well as introducing his own kids to the sport. Anton Kajlich’s comments,  “The Anti Wave story and company history is based on continual innovation and product develop; we continue that history today with the release of these new products. “

Product Innovation & Availability:

“We continue to extend both our product range and innovations, and also our increased product availability and distribution around the world, for all clubs and pools to enjoy.”

“The Anti Goal, available today as the Anti Pro Goal and SNR/JNR Folding Goal models, has undergone continual updates and improvements since its development.”

“The Anti Pro Goal was recently selected for FINA World Cup events, Commonwealth Games facility, South East Asian Games competition and training facilities, and other top national and international events and facilities.” Anton Says

Apart from top national and international facilities, the Anti & SNR/JNR Goals can also be found installed at top school and club Polo facilities across Australia, and indeed the world. To date the Anti Goal is the longest and best selling Polo Goal in the world, exported to over 70 countries since 1972.

Anti Wave’s product range and innovation also sees it as one of the worlds leading producer, and key innovator of Swimming Racing Lanes, Polo Goals and Starting blocks, and also providing a wide range of Innovative Pool Deck, Pool Management and Pool programming products.

Global Anti Goal – NEW for 2021 :

The Brisbane, Australian based family company continues its long history of aquatics and polo innovation, with its 2021 Release of the Global Anti Goal (GAG).

The latest goal in the Anti Wave series is the Innovative FINA-compliant Global Anti Goal (GAG), as installed at Brisbane’s, Yeronga Park Memorial Swimming Pool, in Australia.

Tested for over two years by top teams at the Polo-strong pool facility, the innovative and advanced design is, according to Anton “the culmination of 50 years of water polo goals knowledge, with every part and every detail invested with careful attention.”

The Global Anti Goal is a Full sized Competition and Training Polo Goal designed and produced in Australia, with Premium materials, construction and components.

Weighing just 25kg/55/lbs this folding/floating goal can easily be moved in and out of the water by one or two persons, and its game-changing functional design will not damage pool tiling, as do many current popular Goal models available.

Its light weight has also made the goal easy to air courier door-to-pool from the Anti Wave’s Brisbane, Australia factory direct to customers, with the goals now exported to 5 countries and growing.

Nicola Johnson, FINA Polo Referee (Tokyo Olympic Referee 2020), said of the new goal: “The new Global Anti Goal is the best goal I have seen in over 30 years of water polo, it is light weight (one person can put the goal in and out of the pool), it is very durable and I love the training rod along the back of the goal that allows for balls to be stored in the back of the net during training sessions, this is such a great inclusion, go easy for the GK to reach for a ball when needed.”

John Whitehouse, Honorary Secretary of FINA Water Polo Technical Committee 1996-2017) said, “Well done team Anti Wave! I don’t know why I would expect anything else! Well done again!”

Further details on the Global Anti Goal are available from:

New Ultimate Swimming Lane:

Another recent  innovation – the Ultimate Swimming Lane – a swimmer friendly, high floating and unbreakable lane rope made from advanced high density structural foam.

The Ultimate Swimming Lane has a ‘soft-touch’ finish, which makes it particularly appealing for training and learn to swim facilities as well as general aquatics lane division and use.

The lane discs incorporate the Patented & Innovative Anti Wave Lane wave breaking design, dispersing the waves along the lane lines and then downwards into the water column for effective and efficient wave dissipation.

After extensive testing under the Australian sun since 2018, the Ultimate Swim Lane has proven a tough and durable option for general lane division, standing up well to the tough Australian conditions whilst undergoing testing over the last 2 years in the fierce Australian sun and conditions.

The Ultimate Swimming Lane is currently available in the 110mm dia size, which is suitable for most general pool division installations.

New BackStroke Start Ledges:

With the ball absorption capabilities of its Water Polo Goals Patented in 1971, the Starting Blocks –  Moveable Track Start System Patented in 2002, and the Wave Calming Technology of its Anti Wave MAXI and MIDI Swimming Racing Lanes Patented in 1976 and 2001, Anti Wave continues to innovate, with a Patent for its recently developed Backstroke Start Ledge, pending as of 2020.

Anti Wave innovated, developed and patented the worlds first Moveable Track-Start Starting Block system, included in their 2008 Premium SuperBlock 800 model, used in top International Swimming competitions in the same year. The system allowed the swimmer to adjust the position of the rear foot on the starting block to ensure the fastest start times possible. The Moveable Track-Start System is now world competition standard, included in various Block models around the world.

Having pioneered high performance Moveable TrackStart systems for Starting Blocks, Anti Wave’s investment in research and development over recent years has also seen it launch a range of new and innovative Backstroke Start Ledges.

Providing a range of durable and easy to use adjustable Ledges for swimmers to undertake performance backstroke starts in both training and competition, two Backstroke Start Ledge models are now available, each with a different block attachment system:

  • The Track Start Ledge model attaches to the rear of the TrackStart Wedge via secure 3M Fastener, and the height of the ledge in the water is easily adjusted, as per FINA Regulations, by movement of the position of the TrackStart Wedge on the blocks.
  • The Backstroke Handle model, suitable for most blocks, is fixed onto the front of the Backstroke Handles, and the height of the Ledge in the water is adjusted by a durable and easy to use Marine Stayput system with three possible height positions as per current FINA regulations.

Made in Brisbane, Australia, the Ledges have already been shipped to 10 countries, and used at top international events (FINA World Cup Singapore 2019).

Commenting on the ongoing innovation, Kajlich (founder) notes “the Munich 1972 Olympics was the most important water polo event for the Anti Wave brand.”

“The water polo goals selected for Munich Olympics, which I had patented in 1971, included a difficult to design floating sport structure.”

“And decades later our goals were among the products that we used to fully furnish pool deck at the then Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre for the 2000 Games and then at Beijing’s Water Cube for the 2008 Olympics.”

The Backstroke Start Ledges (both models) are available for direct order ex AUS from the Anti Wave Webshop at

Anti Wave…when performance counts:

Anti Wave continues a long and rich tradition of aquatics innovation and product development with the 2021 Release of the Global Anti Goal, the Ultimate Swimming Lane, and their BackStroke Start Ledge ranges.

The company continues to pave the way with their world leading product innovation and developments, as well as diversifying their Global product availability through a wide-ranging and growing network of Resellers and Licensees around the world.

Anti Wave equipment is distributed around the world to over 150 countries, via an extensive network of Licensees and Resellers.

For more information on Anti Wave Products near you, visit or email [email protected].

Anti Wave…Since Munich 1972 Olympics…Quality Australian designs…Leading Global maker of Swimming Racing Lanes, Starting Blocks and Polo Goals. Licensed production and distribution in 9 countries and growing. Click here for our 2020 Anti Wave Product Brochure. Contact us for more info.


Courtesy: Anti Wave, a SwimSwam partner. 

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