Associate Head Coach Ryan Mallam Out At Arizona State

Associate Head Coach Ryan Mallam is no longer a part of the Arizona State University coaching staff, sources tell SwimSwam. Mallam is no longer listed with the team coaching staff on the school’s website.

Older versions of the team’s coaching page show Mallam listed as associate head coach as recently as June 28. The staff currently shows only five names.

Mallam was well-known as a sprint coach, with coaching stops at junior college powerhouse Indian River and the SEC’s Texas A&M prior to Arizona State. He was hired on as associate head coach at ASU in the spring of 2015, shortly after Arizona State hired Bob Bowman as its head coach for the men’s and women’s programs.

Bowman’s coaching staff still lists Rachel Stratton-Mills as a senior assistant coach and Dan Kesler and Derek Schmitt as assistant coaches. The diving coach role is filled by Mark Bradshaw, potentially leaving one full-time coaching role still open on the team.

We’ve reached out to Arizona State for comment, but haven’t yet received a reply.

It’s worth noting that Bowman’s most famous pupil, Olympic hero Michael Phelpsretired from swimming (for good this time, he says) after last summer’s Rio Olympics. Phelps has previously said that after his retirement from competition, he would be serving as a volunteer assistant on Bowman’s Arizona State staff.

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4 years ago

Anyone know where Mallam is going?

4 years ago

My son participated in a swim clinic with Coach Ryan just a few months ago. Best investment we could have made. I guess we wont be heading back for their winter clinic this holiday season- sad day for ASU.

Send Max Mitchell to Budapest
4 years ago

Sources indicate that he is leaving Bob Bowman to rejoin Chris Jericho and reunite Fozzy. Long live The Kid!

4 years ago

What does derek Schmidt know about swimming ?

Reply to  Texas
4 years ago

He knows his sister

Reply to  Meeee
4 years ago

He had a successful coaching career with a Michigan club team while finishing his undergrad. His entire family is successful- of course he is too.

4 years ago

I wonder how much “fun” it is to coach for Bob. I’ve only heard rumors that it isn’t as thrilling as one might think? I would love if someone had other viewpoints and maybe some great personal insight into what it is like to work for one of the most accomplished coaches on the planet.

Reply to  bob
4 years ago

Sometimes two headstrong coaches do not get a long that well on a day to day basis (not say that is the case here).

4 years ago

UVA just opened…..maybe he’s got an inside track there? total guess.

Reply to  Swammerererer
4 years ago

The head coach of UVA is Augie Bush who just made the move to Arizona

Reply to  Amanda
4 years ago

hence the opening at UVA

Reply to  Amanda
4 years ago

What? When did that happen? You should get someone to write an article about it and open it up to comments…

Reply to  Swamanda
4 years ago


Swimming Fan
4 years ago

Coach Mallam also was a part of the recent Sun Devil Speed Swimming Clinic that took place the last weekend in June.

According to one of the recent ASU commits, he was told that Michael Phelps would help coach him if he went to ASU so it’s possible that Phelps will be assisting with the team in come capacity.

Speed Racer
Reply to  Swimming Fan
4 years ago

He is a “volunteer” coach for ASU which gives Phelps the freedom to come and go as he pleases. I think some recruits just assume that with swimming retirement comes lots of free coaching time but Phelps seems to be pretty busy locking down endorsements or swimming with sharks.

Reply to  Swimming Fan
4 years ago

College Swammer – almost every school would require their head coaches to have a bachelor’s degree, and probably 99.9% of the time assistants too (might vary at smaller schools where it’s more of a ‘who will work for what we’re paying’ sort of thing). While it’s almost ubiquitous, I have not found any indication that it is a mandated NCAA rule, and there are a few examples of even head coaches without them. I’ve heard a few examples of relatively high profile college coaches at D1 schools (don’t want to name names, because I can’t verify the matter, or if the information is up to date) that don’t have degrees. Sometimes in sports like soccer where it’s more common for… Read more »

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

I don’t believe it’s NCAA, but more likely institutional requirements as Braden says. Wisconsin hired a new Hockey coach a couple of years ago, who had left school early to play in the NHL – the condition of his return as coach was to finish his degree:

4 years ago

Swam for him in the past; his facebook also says “Former” associate head coach at Arizona state. Not sure what happened but I hope the best for him. Very smart and innovative coach.

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