Another Day, Another 23 50 Free for Sarah Sjöström


  • June 30th, 2017 – July 4th, 2017
  • Boras, Sweden
  • Results

It’s starting to become normal for Sarah Sjöström to drop 23’s in the 50 LCM free outside of championship meets. This is far from the first time she’s been under 24 in the calendar year, and tonight in Sweden she was 23.85 to win the 50 free national title by over a full second. That time is just off of her lifetime best of 23.83 from the Swedish Open in April, her qualifying meet for Budapest Worlds.

Louise Hansson was 2nd in that race in 25.15. Nobody in the world has come within three tenths of Sjöström this year.

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Michelle Coleman grabbed another win, going 1:00.64 in the 100 back to break her own meet record from 2014. 2nd was Ida Lindborg in 1:01.52. For the men’s 50 back, Jesper Björk went 26.03 for the victory.

The men’s 400 free came down to the touch with a very close race between 1500 winner Victor Johansson and Adam Paulsson. It was Johansson who came through at the end, though, going 3:52.33. Paulsson was 2nd in 3:52.65, with Kristian Kron third in 3:59.28, also under four minutes.

Other winners

  • Swedish record-holder in this event Johannes Skagius was 28.01 to take the men’s 50 breast.
  • In the women’s 400 IM, Auburn swimmer Jacqueline Hippi was 4:56.43 to take the win.
  • Tobias Klasson went 33.49 in the men’s para 50 back to score 700 points for the win.
  • In the women’s para 50 free, Maja Reichard posted a 30.83, scoring 990 points to win.
  • Agnes Kramer earned the win with 531 points in the women’s para 100 back (1:30.05).

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7 years ago


7 years ago

And no one will be within 3 tenths of her in Budapest, either.

7 years ago

4th or 5th 23 this year?

Reply to  SwimJon
7 years ago

She has done 23.83, 23.85 x2, 23.87, 23.95 and 23,96 this year! That’s insane!

Reply to  Liam
7 years ago

It’s amazing Sarah consistency.And is a bit of a scary of how good she will perform once she stays two weeks without weights.In a sprint training, the body response once you have a good rest is(usually) amazing.

Reply to  Liam
7 years ago

The insane thing is the density of results during last three months. Seven(!) races within 0.18sec interval of personal best. I would understand such repetitions if they made within a zone of confidence but not the narrow zone next to the personal best point that assumes some limits and lucky combinations of coincidental circumstances. Especially if this personal best is the best possible effort of a woman in the history of human race.
I would say it is not insane it is weirdly strange.

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

She has always been close to her personal best in all her events every year except when she has been sick (ex. June/July 2012)

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

Ex. her pb/nat record in 400 free long course is from March 2014 when she was training pretty hard and went 4.06.04.
In March 2012 she did a time that turned out to be the 2nd fastest for that whole year and that was right after two weeks of pretty heavy altitude training, then she got sick about 1 month before the Olympics and was slower there (finished 4th).

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

Prickle, stop bringing your fancy language and wild assumptions and speak clearly

Reply to  Peter
7 years ago

Peter, you are very demanding. The first my reaction was to reply : “Yes, Sir!!”.
But on the second thought, why should I stop. That is the language I’m speaking. Let’s call it Pricklish. It is an interesting combination of West Germanic family and Indo-European family languages. Look how emotionally powerful it is that caused you to reply in so unusual for you tone and form.
BTW, congratulations. You have definitely outstanding linguistic abilities. It looks like you’ve understood perfectly everything I have written. So it would be a waste if you stop practicing this new language. I will continue posting, Peter to prolong your enjoyment.

Reply to  Peter
7 years ago

If put jokes aside, Peter, can you tell me how many great swimmers you know who swam systematically very, I mean it, very close to their personal best. And I’m talking not about those personal bests that are made at high school but about those that are a pinnacle of swimming career. The personal best that is a world record is definitely belongs to such a group. Don’t these seven results from 24.01 to 23.83 (textile world record) performed during last three months look like something unusual. They definitely do to me.

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

If it is still not clear to you, Peter then compare distributions of Sarah Sjostrom’s results at 50 fly and 50 free. At both she is a world record holder. If you need data source I can provide such.

7 years ago

What a shame the weather was a freezing mess with a headwind for 50m(although not quite as much headwind in the 50 free as some of the other races).

Reply to  Joe
7 years ago

I’m thinking it could’ve been a “shocking” type of WR today if the conditions were similar to her 50 butterfly WR.

7 years ago

I thought it was 23.50 when I read the title

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