American Swimming Coaches Association Announces Eight Board of Directors Candidates

The American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) revealed the eight candidates who will be vying for a seat on its Board of Directors on Wednesday, with the announcement coming after a nomination process that was overseen by the ASCA Governance Committee.

The eight candidates will be vying for five positions on the 12-member board.

Two outgoing members on the current Board, President Mike Murray (Victor Swim Club) and Megan Oesting (Bend Swim Club), are up for re-election, while Vice President Doug Wharam (Nashville Aquatic Club) and Board members Braden Holloway (NC State) and Mitch Dalton (Texas) will have their terms come to an end in September.

Murray and Oesting were both proposed as candidates by the governance committee, as were Arizona State’s Herbie Behm, Jersey Wahoos’ Paul Donovan and Fort Collins Area Swim Team’s (FAST) Mackenzie Novell.

Quicksilver Swimming’s Marcelo Castro, Iowa Flyers’ Jackson Leonard and McGuire Aquatics’ Brian McGuire are self-nominated candidates.

Behm is the most well-known name among the candidates, having served on the coaching staff of an Arizona State program that’s coming off a runner-up finish at the NCAA Division I Men’s Championships.

2023 ASCA Board of Directors Candidates:

^= governance committee proposed candidate 
*= indicates a self-nominated candidate

In addition to the outgoing members, current Board members include:

All U.S. members of the ASCA will be able to vote electronically for the new Board members on September 7-8.

The voting window will open following the conclusion of the ASCA Annual Member Meeting at the World Clinic in Dallas, Texas, on September 7.

“The membership’s input is invaluable, ensuring that the board represents a diverse cross-section of expertise, perspectives, and backgrounds reflective of the entire swimming community,” the organization said.

The newly elected members of the ASCA Board of Directors will be announced at the ASCA World Clinic.

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5 months ago

Love seeing Emily and Megan on the Board. Both are quality people and great coaches.

5 months ago

Jackson Leonard going to bleed ASCA dry like his old man?

Reply to  Swimmmer
5 months ago

Self nominated, LOL. What exactly does ASCA do again and why do we need a good ol’ boy board of directors?

Reply to  Swimmmer
5 months ago

I shared the deck with Coach Jackson for years- as many of you can attest, you really get to know a person when you’re problem solving together and relying on each other every day-I know him to be incredibly thoughtful, passionate about helping kids be the best versions of themselves and a person of great integrity. We need more people like him in these roles.

Reply to  Swimcoach
5 months ago

ASCA board of directors don’t do anything. They’re just adding fluff to their resumes.

Reply to  Swimmmer
5 months ago

I’m not sure that’s still true. ASCA was a dead weight organization for a long time. But lately, they’ve been a lot more active and have been making movement in the sport of swimming. They basically hired a union leader and are now behaving more like an advocacy union. The board here is way more important than it has been in the past.

Gulf Coach
Reply to  Braden Keith
5 months ago


ASCA Ex Dir Jennifer Lamont was actually on deck in Irvine at Juniors!!! She was interacting with tons of coaches in hospitality! That NEVER happened! And it wasn’t like Juniors was in Ft. Lauderdale and she came out during her free time; she traveled across the country! That speaks volumes In my book.

Mike Murray, ASCA President, is approachable and is committed to making positive changes for the organization.

Is ASCA perfect? No, but it’s getting back on track! At least there’s light at the end of the tunnel now!

Reply to  Swimmmer
5 months ago

Considering Jackson Leonard’s dad, John Leonard, should have had criminal and civil charges filed on him by the ASCA board of directors when he retired and walked off with ASCA membership money, I would find it highly inappropriate if his son was put on the board. ASCA can’t be taken seriously or trusted by coaches until John Leonard is held accountable for his actions…

Former ASCA member
Reply to  Popeye
5 months ago

Didn’t ASCA pay for Jackson Leonard’s private high school education?

Reply to  Former ASCA member
5 months ago

Yeah and for boat payments and a Crystal River vacation home, also. And he got away with it!

5 months ago

Quicksilver? Ugh

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