Always Time To Swim With A Michael Phelps Swim Spa

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Swimming on a team, squad, or as part of a masters group, can provide myriad benefits. As you swim lap after lap in the pool, you get the encouragement of being with your peers. You might be inspired to work harder, swim farther, or get the feedback you need to improve your technique.

You love heading to the pool, your swim bag slung over your shoulder, and joining your friends for a session. But some days it just doesn’t feel possible. Your schedule is packed or you have family obligations. Even if you try to swim on your time, the lap swimming schedule or facility hours might not work.

How can you keep swimming a part of your routine?

A swim-in-place pool, like a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa, allows you to swim in the comfort of your backyard and skip the logistics of using a public pool. No more traffic on the commute, locker rooms, or crowded lap lanes.

“I can swim anytime, on my own terms, and not worry about scheduling, cleanliness of public pools, and can use it for way longer than just two summer months,” homeowner Vesna says. “The swim is smooth, the display is easy to operate, and the jets are very powerful.”

Michael Phelps swim spas are designed so that you can swim your best, year-round, as well as enjoy the added benefit of relaxation.

What is a swim spa?

From the black line to the straight wall for pushing off, most public pools are designed for swimmers. The lines on the bottom are markers for swimmers, helping them to know when to flip for a turn or cueing them to speed up.

But a swim spa is different.

There is no wall for pushing off and you aren’t swimming toward a target. Instead, you are swimming against a water current. Similar to a treadmill, where you are running in place, you are swimming in place with a spa. You swim continuously — no flip turns or pushing off the wall, which allows you to find your rhythm. You can also build endurance and work on your technique.

The water current in Michael Phelps swim spas is created by a propulsion system. With speed settings from zero to 100, the Wave XP Pro system generates a current that is smooth, wide, and with better visibility. You can swim as fast as 54 seconds per 100-meter pace in a Michael Phelps Signature swim spa.

In addition to the continuous swimming experience, a swim spa makes it possible to  swim, exercise, relax, and more year-round, in any climate.

Michael Phelps swim spas have therapy seats with massage jets — just like a hot tub. There’s also built-in plumbing and a heating system so that you can keep the water at your perfect temperature.

Swim spas come in myriad sizes, from 11-feet long to over 19-feet long. One key design feature is a generous swim area so that you can swim all four strokes, which was important to Michael Phelps when he collaborated with Master Spas. There are three models in this line, and they range in length from 17 feet to 19 feet. With a variety of footprints, there is a model for most any space — even small backyards.

Comparing Michael Phelps swim spas

You enjoy swimming on a regular basis. However, do you feel like something is getting in the way of training? Whether you’re busy, injured, or struggling with motivation, you haven’t been able to make it to the pool.

However, you know that you benefit from swimming and water exercise.

Michael Phelps swim spas have the functionality of an at-home lap pool but don’t require a large space or months of construction.

How do the Michael Phelps swim spas compare? Choosing the best spa will depend on your backyard, lifestyle, and budget.

MP Momentum Deep

Michael Phelps credits training in a swim spa with helping him develop the best freestyle of his career. But the swim spa, especially the MP Momentum Deep, is also a place where you can relax. The MP Momentum Deep has a separate hot tub area, with massage jets and separate temperate controls.

When you install a traditional outdoor pool, you’re likely to get just a few months of use. The climate is just not ideal to swim outside year-round. However, the MP Momentum Deep (like all Michael Phelps swim spas) is designed to be used year-round.

This swim spa is the largest in the series at 19 feet long and is considered a pool-spa combo. There are two separate areas — one for swimming and recreation, the other is a therapeutic hot tub for complete relaxation. Each area has a separate control panel and can be set to different temperatures.

The swim area of the spa is about 15 feet long, and the hot tub side is about 4 feet long. The two bodies of water are divided by clear acrylic, which creates the appearance of one large body of water.

To swim in the MP Momentum Deep, you choose a manual workout or one of the preset workouts. You can set an easy cruise pace for a longer workout or choose intervals to push yourself.

On the hot tub side, there are built-in hot tub seats, offering a soothing hydrotherapy massage. The jets of the Xtreme Therapy Seat creates a whirlpool-like effect, surrounding you with soothing water. Dedicate foot jets have a unique design, with each jet featuring 14 individual nozzles.

MP Momentum Deep swim spas come standard with LED lighting features, waterfalls, and a sleek European-inspired design.

MP Signature Deep

A swim spa makes it possible to swim year-round, whether you want to train for an event or just focus on technique. The swim area of the MP Signature Deep is generous, allowing for uninhibited swimming.

When you are on a swim team or participate in a squad, it feels like the pool belongs to you. However, if you are swimming on your own time, it can feel like the pool is no longer yours. Facility hours are limited, lap swimming relegated to a few lanes. Some facilities might require reservations.

But fitting in a swim shouldn’t be stressful.

The MP Signature Deep has the largest swim area of any of the Michael Phelps swim spas. An 18-foot swim spa, there’s plenty of room to swim all four strokes or just have fun with the family.

While swimming might be a priority, a swim spa can also be used for rehabbing an injury, general water exercise, and recovery. The Xtreme Therapy Cove is a unique pattern of jets designed to be used standing up. The jets target your back, hips, and legs so that you can feel fresh for your next workout.

Do you want a space to relax after a hard set? Take advantage of the hot tub seats, which has massaging jets to help ease muscle tension and promote relaxation.

MP Force Deep

Balance is an important component of any swim plan. Not only do you need to balance hard workouts with recovery efforts, you also need to balance life with training. The MP Force Deep is not only a space where you can swim but have fun with the family.

Part of the appeal of a traditional in-ground swimming pool is the ability to create a backyard oasis. However, a pool can take months to install and requires the right backyard.

With the MP Force Deep, a 17-foot swim spa, you can swim for fitness or recreation while taking advantage of the recovery and relaxation.

The MP Force has the smallest footprint of Michael Phelps spas but still has the same quality and features. There are 39 massage jets, the Xtreme Therapy Cove, and LED lighting.

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