Alessandro Miressi Breaks Italian Record in 100 Free 3 Days After Euro

Russia Morozov


After Italy’s record-setting performance in Glasgow last week, where they had the country’s most-successful European Championship ever with 22 medals and 12 senior National Records, a portion of the National team raced home to Rome to race at the Italian Age Group Championships.

That includes freestyler Alessandro Miressi, who won gold at the European Championships in a lifetime best in 48.01, and apparently was still a little short on his taper.

The 19-year old, racing in the Cadetti age group (the age just below the seniors), swam a 47.92 in the 100 free. That breaks the senior National Record of 47.96, swum by Luca Dotto at the 2016 Italian Championships.

Miressi’s best time coming into 2018 was a 48.71, and he’s now bettered that in 7 different swims.

In the senior men’s age group, 21-year old Andrea Vergani, who won bronze in the 50 at Euros and set the Italian Record in that race in 21.37, won in 49.41, while his peer Filippo Megli took 2nd in 49.42. 2016 Canadian Olympian Santo Condorelli, who is now training in Italy with an eye on becoming an Italian sports citizen, was 5th in 50.03.

Italy looked like had missed a sprint window after its 400 free relay took 3rd at the 2015 World Championships. The 4 swimmers on that relay are now all at least 27-years old (Luca Dotto – 28, Marco Orsi – 27, Michele Santucci – 29, Filippo Magnini – 36), and missed the final at the Rio Olympic Games.

But instead, it appears that they may have inspired a golden generation for Tokyo, where at least Dotto and Orsi could still be young enough to contribute to prelims relays before handing off to this new group of young sprinters in the final.

Also included in that group is 17-year old Thomas Ceccon, who swam a 48.87 in the U-17 category on Sunday.

Miressi ties China’s Ning Zetao as the 3rd-fastest 100 freestyler in the world this season.

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25 free champ
4 years ago

Decent. Wake me up with a 19 year old swims a 21.4 in the 50 free though. BOOM!

Reply to  25 free champ
4 years ago

Lets be fair, Miressi can come home in 47.9, compared to Andrew’s 49.8.

4 years ago

Miressi looks to be the future of Italian sprinting. I’m hoping it lights a fire under Dotto and Orsi (and Condorelli, should he actually settle on a national allegiance).

4 years ago

“was still a little short on taper”…this is one of my least favorite ideas that I hear on pool decks. I’ll hear coaches say stuff like “I think you missed your taper by a couple days”. I find this idea ridiculous!
You do realize there are many other variables that go into why swimmers perform faster a week later or swim slow at a big meet…right??

Reply to  Dan
4 years ago

What re they

Reply to  Yabo
4 years ago

He could’ve had a better start, turn, better sleep, more favorable gap in time between warm ups and swimming, etc…

Reply to  Dan
4 years ago

I believe it was more a matter of being relaxed. The final at the EC for Miressi was the first international final, and he had to bear the weight of the 4th lane on top of that. He swam his first 25 meters a little tight (his coach said that much). In Rome, he was relaxed, had that “mission accomplished” easiness about him. This is a guy who is going to swim 47s left and right or I am very mistaken.

Reply to  Luigi
4 years ago

Leogeo & Luigi nailed many of the variables I was speaking of and then some.

4 years ago

I was waiting for both these two swims. I knew that Miressi had a 47 in him after his 46.99 split. And Ceccon’s maiden voyage into sub 49 territory was due after almost two years of stagnation in the 100 free. I might be wrong but i believe he went straight from 50 to 48 without ever swimming a 49.

Reply to  Luigi
4 years ago

He already swan a couple of 48s relay split so it’s not so surprising. But 53.85 in the 100back and 48.87 in the 100 free at 17yo… good stuff.

4 years ago

Here we go..
Other great news: 17 year-old Thomas Ceccon has won the 100 free among Juniors in 48.87, and another Junior, Devid Zorzetto, bronze in early July at Helsinki’s EuroJuniors, has swum a 49.05 in the lead-off of 400 free-relay.
The next two seasons will be fairly interesting.

4 years ago

What does the 04/22 mean besides Morozovs time?

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Zetao Ning is going to have a 47″92 swim on September 1st

Old 80s Swimmer
4 years ago

Time for the Americans to get moving. :48 is no longer a fast 100.

Michael j. Mooney
Reply to  Old 80s Swimmer
4 years ago

Any theories on what happened to Caeleb??

Reply to  Michael j. Mooney
4 years ago

Motorcycle crash in late June

Love to Swim
Reply to  Michael j. Mooney
4 years ago

There were plenty of theories: not tapered, not rested, jet lag, targeting only the Olympics, overtrained.

The latest explanation is motorcycle crash. It is not a theory, though.

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