Alabama-Georgia, Michigan-Indiana Latest College Meets Impacted by COVID-19

On Tuesday, the United States reported more than 885,000 new cases of COVID-19, driven mostly by the highly-contagious Omicron variant. That is the highest number of COVID-19 cases reported in the pandemic so far, researchers believe, excluding Monday, which included catch-up data from prior days that were delayed because of the holidays.

Michigan and Indiana 

The University of Michigan and Indiana University scheduled for Saturday (January 8) at Michigan has been canceled due to COVID-19. 

The University of Michigan said in a press release, “With rising COVID-19 concerns, both schools mutually agreed to cancel the meet for the health and safety of the participants and those connected with the programs.”

Neither team has had a meet canceled yet due to COVID-19. 

The meet was scheduled to be a showdown between the two Big Ten teams. At the 2021 Big Ten Men’s Championships, the Michigan men edged out Indiana by 44 points to capture the conference title. On the women’s side, the Michigan women earned a second place finish and the Indiana women finished third, respectively. 

Both teams also were projected to have about the same qualifiers so far at NCAAs this year. On the women’s side, Michigan edged out Indiana by one projected qualifier (12 to 11). On the men’s side, Indiana edged out Michigan by one as well (10 to nine). 

Alabama and Georgia

The University of Alabama and University of Georgia dual meet scheduled for Saturday at Georgia has also been canceled due to COVID-19 within the Georgia program. 

Georgia announced the cancellation saying “It is unfortunate that we will not be able to compete this weekend, but in light of the current situation, the health and safety of the student-athletes continues to be our first concern,” said Tom Cousins Swimming and Diving Head Coach Jack Bauerle. “We are looking forward to returning to competition in the coming weeks.”

This meet was also set to be a showdown. Based on the SwimSwam midseason NCAA cut list, the Alabama men are projected to have eight men and the Georgia men are projected to have seven. The Alabama women are projected to have 12 and the Georgia women are projected to have 11. 

The meet has not been rescheduled at this time.

The Alabama and Georgia national championship football game is still on for Monday, January 10th.

Fresno State, Colorado State, New Mexico, Cal State East Bay, and San Diego State

The five team meet between San Diego State, Fresno State, Colorado State, New Mexico, and Cal State East Bay has also been canceled due to COVID-19. The meet was scheduled for this Friday.

Colorado State said in their press release that “a few of the scheduled teams have COVID issues within their programs.” 

San Diego State and Pepperdine

In addition to their five team meet canceled, San Diego State also has had their meet scheduled for Saturday against Pepperdine canceled.

The school said in a press release that “Due to health and safety concerns within several of the swimming and diving teams scheduled to compete in dual meets at the Aztec Aquaplex on Friday and Saturday, both day’s competitions have been canceled.”

A deluge of cancellations have resulted in most of this weekend’s collegiate swimming & diving schedule being canceled or postponed. Other meets impacted include:

  • Grand Canyon, New Mexico State, and Ottawa 
  • West Virginia and Pitt
  • IUPUI, UIC, and Cleveland State
  • Azusa Pacific Alumni Meet
  • Florida State and Texas A&M
  • Texas A&M and Florida
  • Penn State and Army
  • Auburn and Georgia Tech
  • FIU Sprint Invite

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1 year ago

Really strange 2 years into the pandemic and with the available data and experience we have. These cancellations don’t do a lot to protect the health and safety of athletes as purported. The vast majority of cases aren’t resulting from the actual swim meet, football game, school day, etc. they are occurring in social settings outside of these events. The cancellations will likely do nothing to slow the spread, so what’s the point. There are even measures that could be taken (like earlier in the pandemic) to further mitigate risk to avoid cancellations. If the goal is to control the spread, then there must be consistent control of the drivers behind the spread which isn’t happening (Georgia and Alabama are… Read more »

Reply to  Kev
1 year ago

I think you’re seeing what you want to see, not what is. In most cases that we know of, the cancellations aren’t to try to prevent some bigger spread of COVID, it’s because there are enough cases/exposures to make the meets not worth the travel.

Also – you’ve assumed that the teams’ primary concern is the broader spread throughout the country. For these teams, whether their athletes get COVID-19 now or get COVID-19 in April does, in fact, make a difference, because one of those situations will impact their collegiate season, and the other will not.

It’s safe to assume that if SECs were this weekend, teams would be going with whomever was available.

1 year ago

I wonder how many training trips are happening vs meets this weekend…seems backwards

1 year ago

Let’s cross our fingers that the spike quickly drops and the teams can get to the meets and spectators, fans, and families can be there to watch.

1 year ago

I have heard the Georgia team has had a hell of a week with drama & traumas…. Maybe this is the best move for the coaches & team to get back to normal before comp. season.

Last edited 1 year ago by anon
Reply to  anon
1 year ago

Care to explain?

UGA Swammer
Reply to  Snarky
1 year ago

I heard 2 people pooped in the pool and the fought over who it was.
Escalated quickly

1 year ago


Last edited 1 year ago by Ggs
1 year ago

I would feel bad for Arizona State athletes if NCAA champs were cancelled this year due to COVID

1 year ago

How are the ivy schools taking classes online but still traveling to meets?!?

Reply to  Jenna
1 year ago

By bus.

Reply to  Jenna
1 year ago

Because COVID is more than a virus, it’s an excuse for anything you don’t want to do.

1 year ago

“Saddening” – MA

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