Abbey Weitzeil talks through rough transition of freshman year (Video)

Reported by James Sutherland.


  • American Record: Dara Torres, 24.07, 2009
  • U.S. Open Record: Cate Campbell, 24.13, 2008
  • LC National Meet Record: Dara Torres, 24.25, 2016
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 25.18
  1. Simone Manuel, STAN, 24.27
  2. Abbey Weitzeil, CAL, 24.74
  3. Lia Neal, STAN, 24.77

Simone Manuel executed a great 50 free tonight, winning by nearly half a second in 24.27 to move into #3 in the world. She adds a second individual event to her World Championship schedule after qualifying in the 100 on the first day.

In the tight battle for second, Abbey Weitzeil pulled through and got to the wall to get herself on the World Championship team. After a poor showing in the 100 by her standards, she came in at 24.74 to edge by Lia Neal(24.77), Kelsi Worrell (24.79) and Olivia Smoliga (24.84).

Seven of the eight finalists actually got under 25 seconds, with Mallory Comerford (24.93) and Madison Kennedy(24.95) doing it as well in 6th and 7th. Finishing 8th, Grace Ariola (25.03) becomes the 18 & under National Champion.

Katrina Konopka (25.16) and Anya Goeders (25.28) won the B and C-finals respectively.

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Cal women had a rough meet. Abbey’s 24.7 is a full half second behind Simone and significantly off her time from last trials. Sjostrom, Blume, and Ranomi are poised to take the 50 at Worlds with Simone being a potential finalist contending for bronze.


Just the women? Remember these athletes are on a 4 year road to Tokyo.


It would be surprising if Manuel isn’t faster at WCs than at this meet. She dropped a good chunk of time between OTs and Rio, and she knew she had some margin for error in making team this year. Blume only beat her by .02 in Rio, so I’d expect a pretty good fight for silver. And even though Sjostrom looks unstoppable, we know this race is never a foregone conclusion, especially after a lot of racing.


I think we sometimes forget how hard it is to be a top level student athlete




We? You mean Bobo?


there were quite a few people talking trash about Weitzeil during the college season

bobo gigi

Yes! I was scared to not be mentioned anymore…. I love when some people tak for me. Sure I don’t know what it means to be a student athlete. Yes. I think they are machines without a life outside of water. Of course! 😆 Sure it’s the first time we see an athlete coming from high school with great performances struggling in the freshman year in college. And in the case of Abbey Weitzeil that’s the post-olympic year. There was a risk to see her leave her coach while it worked very well. She could have gone pro. But it’s not the usual way in US swimming. She wanted to swim in college. She knew the transition would be tough.… Read more »


I don’t like when people say “sorry” when they actually aren’t.


I always enjoy bobo’s swimming insights. But I think my favorite part of his comments are when he acknowledges how dumb trump is.


I think Mr.Gigi won’t mind provide you with personal contact information so you can entertain each other talking about trump, republicans, American stupidity and other fascinating stuff 24/7. The only problem would be time zone difference but don’t worry, his state of mind (that he is sorry for) is so strong that you will learn soon how to read his dreams telepathically.


A lot of people had high hopes for her pre and post Olympics. Add in the expectations of Cal vs Stanford competition featuring Manuel and Weitzeil. This was most people, not just Bobo. I think we get spoiled by those who have smooth transitions, that we forget it could go either way even for non student-athletes. Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a positive turn for her.


I hope she can at least make semis. I remember in Kazan Ivy Martin only swam the 50 free and ended up getting like 27th. Would hate to see that happen to Abbey

Captain Awesome

Because it’s embarrassing to not make finals?


Good thing Ivy still fly AF tho

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