Breaststroke Tip, Presented by A3 Performance

by Garrett McCaffrey 5

July 06th, 2012 News

Darian Townsend dropped a full second on his 200 IM breaststroke split at South African Olympic Trials, with a stroke adjustment in warm up at the meet. He tells you how in this workout video presented by A3 performance.

Darian Townsend proudly represented South Africa at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Townsend is famous for his role on the South African 4×100 freestyle relay that won gold upsetting Team USA at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Townsend trains in Arizona under Tucson Ford Aquatics Coach swim Eric Hansen.

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can someone explain me what he change it? i cound’t understand

A lot of swimmers lead with their head on the recovery of their breaststroke. Darian is saying that when he thinks about lifting (getting his shoulders as high as possible) with his elbows and keeping is head low, he gets more out of every stroke.

my take on it, as i was a total “feel” 200 breaststroker, is that the swimmer’s elbows must be “loose” during the outsweep portion of the stroke – but this is only my interpretation because this is how i teach it….elbows relaxed and loose and lead the outsweep, but taught because of the pressure applied to the palms – once the hands, guided by the elbows, hit the corners (maximum pressure applied during outsweep to palms) the body should “pop” naturally and because of that “pop” the body and arms should recover and drive forward naturally (and an efficient, well-timed, strong, kick) helps this! performing the outsweep this way also has huge benefits to the hip & leg position (prone)… Read more »

It really depends on whether you are a natural breastroker or a coached one. If you are good enough do it your way if not then try everything. However improvements are more often temporary . Next month -now wTF was I doing last month?

Besides if you arre training IM you can bet one stroke is awol.

What the hell is a natural breaststroker? Nobody is born knowing how to swim breaststroke – everyone is coached. What you meant is very tallented or not so tallented, I guess. Eddie Reese would not like his new tip. Eddie teaches that head is lifted when arms separate during scull. Keep albows high and try not to pull back much – anchor the arms before squeezing the elbows inside body for arm recovery. Do not attempt Sonny’s recovery at home – that works for her only. Also, look straight and try not to use any neck or shoulder muscle to maintain head position. This is especially important for IMers, not to get too tired on breaststroke leg. Watch Brendan Hansen… Read more »

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