8 Things Swimmers Hate To Hear

1. “Swimming is so easy.”

No. It’s not. And if you continue to try and prove that ridiculous statement, I will go into full-fledged debate mode.

2. “I love Michael Phelps!”

You do…that one week of the summer olympics when everyone is suddenly a swimming fanatic? No, you don’t love Michael Phelps. You’ll be over it by next week.

3. “What was your time?”

My time is my business. Your time is yours. I don’t care how fast you swim. And you shouldn’t care how fast I swim.

4. “Good job!”

If I’m walking away from the blocks not smiling, don’t say good job. Don’t try to make me feel better, because it’s just a reminder that I sucked.

5. “I’m so nervous for this race.”

I’m trying to get in the zone. I’m trying to focus. Your negativity is not helping. Stop talking to me.

6. “Are you going to the Olympics?

Yes, I understand you don’t encounter swimmers often, but we are not all Michael Phelps.

7. “Are you going to that party Wednesday night!”

No…I am not. I never go to parties on weeknights. I have 5am practice. I am a swimmer. We train before school starts…before the sun comes up.

8. “This next set will be a fly set…”

For 99% of swimmers a butterfly set means one thing…pain.

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6 years ago

I didn’t hate when people asked my time. kinda liked it.

6 years ago

Wait a minute, you’re saying number 7 is off limits? Why didn’t you tell me that like 30 years ago, when I could have been a contender!

6 years ago

WHY do some swimmers act like this is not a competition?!! Yes, people want to know where you placed. Yes, people want to know your times!!! It’s a SPORT, which means people want to know RESULTS. That’s a good thing! And guess what, there is a little app called Meet Mobile where I can go look at that anyway. And there are websites that rank swimmers of each age/distance/stroke that we can even look for YOU to say, “Wow, she’s ranked 128 out of 586 swimmers.” I just don’t know any other sport where some athletes whine about such things.

Reply to  GoldenB
6 years ago

Absolutely. There are few things that can make me swim faster than someone telling me I was slow, especially if they were less than a second faster than me.

Reply to  mcgillrocks
6 years ago

While that may be motivational for you, it isn’t for everyone. Getting beaten would get me downtrodden and unlikely to swim well later on, while being told I did well would motivate me to do even better in the next race.

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