7 Distance Butterfly Swims That Might Make You Cringe in Pain

Warning! We don’t  recommend swimming long distance butterfly. For 99.9% of swimmers it is bad for technique. If you want to learn perfect butterfly technique watch Michael Phelps Essential: Twenty Butterfly Training Videos here.

1. Nia’s 500 yards butterfly

2. Elaine’s 900 yards butterfly

3. Doug Jelen swims 1650 yards of butterfly

4. Connor Wilkins and Mack Hamill swim 1500 meters butterfly

5. Romain Louedec swim the 3000 meters butterfly

6. Peter Scott  “attempts” a 9km crossing of the English Bay, Vancouver, BC, butterfly

7. River Dart 10k butterfly

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No Mary T? Guess there isn’t video of her legendary 10,000 fly…

I know. She told me she used to do entire practices fly, said she’d warmup fly b/c it was less stressful on her shoulders.


No one beats Melvin Stewart!!

Hey Melvin, post the training you used to do at UT. I am happy to have had the opportunity to watch you doing (live) in 1991 at Student Aquatic Center.

Awesome 1’41 – 200Fly at Ncaa.

I believe I remember watching Mel Stewart do a 500 fly on the outside lanes during a 500 in a dual meet. I’m guessing this would have been the lead up the 96 trials. It was pretty amazing. He wasnt far behind the “kids” in the pool.

You missed the biggest one although a 10k fly is dang impressive: http://swimswam.com/sylvain-estadieu-swims-across-the-english-channel/

As a side point: technique for distance butterfly is different than for the 100 m or 200 m, but that does not mean that long distance destroys technique for shorter competitions. The important thing to remember is that training for a 200 m race requires very different training than a 10 k or at least the race pace coaches tell everyone.

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