10 Michael Phelps World Record Race Videos

1. 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome, Michael Phelps v Milorad Cavic in the 100 butterfly:

2. 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome, Michael Phelps 200 butterfly, rubber wrapped and fast, 1:51.51:

3. 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Michael Phelps wins 200 freestyle in 1:42.96


4. 2009 US World Championship Trials, Michael Phelps rips a 50.22 in the 100 butterfly:

5. 2007 FINA World Championships, 200 butterfly, 1:52.09

6. 200 IM World Record at the 2007 FINA World Championships, 1:54.98

7. 200 IM World Record at the 2006 Pan Pacific Championships, 1:55.84

8. 200 Free World Record at the 2007 FINA World Championships, 1:43.86

9. 2003 FINA World Championships, Phelps breaks the 200 IM World Record for the first time in 1:57.52

 10. 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Phelps breaks the 400 IM World Record, 4:08.26

NOTE: Phelps considers #3, the 200 free 2008 Olympic gold and world record, his most perfect race. He considers #1, Phelps v Cavic, his most exciting.  See video of Michael talking about this in his pre-London Olympic interview:

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Phelps best WR is the 2008 400 IM 4:03! Hands down the hardest and the BEST.


That race is phenomenal. Although I do think that if you took Lochte from 2012 and put him in a full body LZR, he could have matched or surpassed that time (4:05 in a jammer). Still, that race in Beijing was an absolute bloodbath.

Law Dawg

The thing is, Phelps wasn’t in a full body, just leg skin. Lochte would and could not beat Phelps in his prime in the 400im under the same conditions.


I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Lane 0

sorry but Lochte just doesn’t have the freestyle that phelps has.
At the 300m mark at his gold medal performance Lochte was 0.52 seconds under world record pace.
At the 350m mark, he was 0.09 seconds off it.
He ended up missing it by 1.3 seconds.

Just a day or two ago Andrew Abruzzo, 14 years old, went 28.8 at the end of his LCM 400 IM, FASTER than Lochte. (even though the time was 32 seconds slower)


one can legitimately wonder what would have happened if 2008 phelps went up against 2012 lochte in the 400 IM with both guys wearing jammers. based on the splits (apparently) lochte would have be no worse than even with phelps through the 350 turn. who’s to say what either guy would have split on that last 50 (or throughout the rest of the swim) if they were staring at each other in the face.

also, lzr leg suit > textile jammer. over 400M, i think that would have accounted for much of the difference between those two swims (4:03.84 vs. 4:05.18).


i just watched both swims back to back (2008 phelps and 2012 lochte). i think in both these videos that lochte and phelps swim this event in very different ways. phelps – in 2008 in particular – looks like he’s building the swim. really relaxed on fly, fairly relaxed on back, and increasingly more aggressive on breaststroke until he builds up to the final crescendo – the last wall and the last 50, where he drops the hammer. lochte, in contrast, looks to go for the kill in the middle 200 on the back and the breaststroke. in 2008, this is when he makes his move on phelps and looks, briefly, like he is going to overtake him. in 2012,… Read more »


The difference between a legskin and jammer is huge. Having raced in them, I can say that your legs feel like they’ll just never get tired, it’s incredible. So all I’m saying is that I don’t think Lochte would have died as hard on the freestyle if he had legs. I definitely think 1.34 seconds can be accounted for by the suit.


I truly believe that when Phelps is at his peak it means Phelps vs. the clock…haha!
No need to argue guys…bcoz the answer is too obvious.


I was truly surprised that swim was not on there.


The 200 freestyle WR in Melbourne ’07 is my favourite I think. The way he wiped off Ian Thorpe’s previous WR and in the process beat another former WR holder in that event (van den Hoogenband) by a massive margin that I think makes that particular race memorable.

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