34 Members selected to Canadian World Championships Team

The following is the official Canadian World Championships Team:


Barbara Jardin, Montreal, 200 FR, 1:58.25

Sinead Russell, Burlington, Ont., 100 BK 1:00.12

Kristina Steins, Burlington, Ont., 100 BK, 1:00.85

Audrey Lacroix, Pont-Rouge, Que., 200 FL, 2:07.89

Katerine Savard, Pont-Rouge, Que., 200 FL, 2:08.34; 100 FL, 58.06

Samantha Cheverton, Pointe-Claire, Que., 200 FR, 1:58.80; 100 FR, 55.67

Brittany MacLean, Etobicoke, Ont., 200 FR, 1:59.53

Savannah King, Vancouver, 200 FR, 2:00.34; 400 FR, 4:10.34; 800 FR, 8:33.49

Tera Van Beilen, Oakville, Ont., 100 BR, 1:08.15; 200 BR, 2:25.84

Alexa Komarnycky, Victoria, 400 IM, 4:41.65; 800 FR, 8:34.17; 200 IM, 2:14.28

Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, Ottawa, 400 IM, 4:42.71; 200 IM, 2:13.29

Victoria Poon, Montreal, 100 FR, 55.31; 50 FR, 25.24

Sandrine Mainville, Montreal, 100 FR, 55.32

Chantal van Landeghem, Winnipeg, 100 FR, 55.35; 50 FR, 25.19

Noemie Thomas, Vancouver, 100 FL, 58.31

Hilary Caldwell, White Rock, B.C., 200 BK, 2:09.31

Martha McCabe, Toronto, 200 BR, 2:27.35



Blake Worsley, Victoria, 200 FR, 1:48.80

Charles Francis, Montreal, 100 BK, 55.34

Zack Chetrat, Toronto, 200 FL, 1:58.01

Alec Page, Victoria, 200 FR, 1:49.36; 400 IM, 4:18.06

Aly Abdel-Khalik, Etobicoke, Ont., 200 FR, 1:49.59

Hassaan Abdel-Khalik, Etobicoke, Ont., 200 FR, 1:49.84; 100 FR, 50.57

Joel Greenshields, Calgary, 100 FR, 50.36

Richard Funk, Edmonton, 100 BR, 1:00.87

Tommy Gossland, Vancouver, 100 FR, 50.50

Luke Peddie, Vancouver, 100 FR, 50.62

Ryan Cochrane, Victoria, 400 FR, 3:47.08; 1500 FR, 14:59.73

Will Brothers, Victoria, 1500 FR, 15:02.48

Ashton Baumann, Ottawa, 200 BR, 2:14.84

Andrew Ford, Guelph, Ont., 200 IM, 2:00.03

Coleman Allen, Vancouver, 100 FL, 53.57

Russell Wood, Calgary, 200 BK, 2:01.01

Chris Manning, Brantford, Ont., 50 FR, 22.71

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9 years ago

That is a typo, Brothers finished in 15:02.48. But you are right he is from the same club as Cochrane–Island Swimming.

Reply to  JMG
9 years ago

Corrected Brothers’ time – seems to have been an error in the list they sent out (there were a few others that we caught as well, Andrew Ford was left off originally)

9 years ago

And the women not that much better, with a few exceptions. 55.3’s for the 100 Free very slow. I haven’t been following this meet but was surprised to see how slow. Then again it’s a post-Olympic year A bright spot appears to be the 1500, at least as far as good races; looks like a newcomer tied with Cochrane. Brothers, possibly a teammate of his?? Must have been great to watch.

Like a Salmon with Its Tail Cut Off
Reply to  liquidassets
9 years ago

Could you do any better, tough guy?


Even with my tail cut off….

9 years ago

Do you have the official wugs roster?

Reply to  Dawb
9 years ago

Not yet. There’s still some approvals that have to be run through before they can finalize that.

Reply to  Braden Keith
9 years ago

Os tuesday the Italian Trials will begin 9 to 13

Starting day 11 until 14 it will be the Japanese Trials

Starting day 16 it will be Russian Trials

Day 22 will begin the Brazil Trials

Day 25 it will begin Germany

And at last this month starting day 26 the Australians..

So Braden will havel lot of work next weeks,..

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
9 years ago

Don’t forget France that starts Tuesday as well!

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
9 years ago


I love worlds/olympics trials!

9 years ago

Other than Cochrane, their men’s team is BAD. Sorry, but true.

Reply to  weirdo
9 years ago

Its a young team for sure. Canada had alot of retiring swimmers and will be on the up for a number of years. The women’s team is far ahead of the mens’, but by 2016 you will see ALOT of improvement. Page, Brothers, Ford and Funk will play major/ semi-major roles in the next games…..future of Canadian swimming on the men’s side (well….to name a few)

Philip Johnson
9 years ago

They gotta miss Hayden .. a 50.36 for the 100 free, ouch.

9 years ago

Pretty sub-par meet

Reply to  CanadianSwimmer
9 years ago

Then you really didn’t see that 1500, HUGE leap forward.